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Why Does My Partner Say He loves Me But He’s Not Ready to Commit?

It is very difficult to walk away from someone when you have fallen in love with them. This is why the first 3-6 months in a new relationship is the most important time to stay alert and pay close attention to any red flags.

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After 3 Dates a Guy Blocked Me 1 Week Later He Said He made a Mistake

The fact that this guy came back with an apology and explanation is a good thing, but my big question is why couldn’t he have been honest and just told you this, rather than blocking you without a word? Why did he have a problem openly communicating this to you?

Dating Advice – Don’t Allow Yourself to be Benched!

Being Benched is when someone keeps you on hold by giving you occasional attention but also keeping you on the back burner! Basically, they are not quite sure what they are going to do with you and usually have a few people on their their bench roster. They love to keep their options open!

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