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After 3 Dates a Guy Blocked Me 1 Week Later He Said He made a Mistake

The fact that this guy came back with an apology and explanation is a good thing, but my big question is why couldn’t he have been honest and just told you this, rather than blocking you without a word? Why did he have a problem openly communicating this to you?

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How Do I Know If I Am Ready to be Exclusive with Someone I am Dating?

When you are ready to choose a partner to share your life with, it is so important to take your time and pay close attention to what is actually transpiring between the two of you as a couple. The last thing you want to do is settle for a relationship just because you have decided it’s time to take the next step toward what you think should be happening.

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I Was Intimate With A Good Friend But Now She Isn’t Talking to Me! Why?

This is a question that many men and women have struggled with over the years. When you have a really great friendship there can be a fine line between romance and being a buddy with someone. All it takes is one evening of curiosity to alter 5 years of platonic boundaries.

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