Life Offers Simple Yet Powerful Options ~ Keep Believing

Life Offers Simple Yet Powerful Options ~ Keep Believing

ocean Bloom take what you need post it note

Wouldn’t this be wonderful if that’s all it took? Pull off the tab on the “post it note” and you can have what you want? “The Law of Attraction” and power of visualization states that you can have whatever you want, if you believe you can!  So, maybe this isn’t as far fetched as it seems?

Life can be very difficult for many people, but surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family can definitely help ease some of the negative things we all deal with in our day to day existence. Know when to let go and know when to embrace the good things in front of you. You don’t have to stay in negative scenarios and you don’t have to stay in the same unhealthy patterns that make you unhappy.

Go and get what you want in life and don’t be afraid to ask for it either. Someone is always listening even when you feel no one hears you.

Thank you Ocean Bloom for sharing this photo!

❤ Happy Sunday ❤  xoxo

Lifestyle Advice: Can We Really Have It All?

Lifestyle Advice: Can We Really Have It All?

Life Can Flow to Where you Want it to go When you Believe you Deserve it.

Life Can Flow to Where you Want it to go When you Believe you Deserve it.

Can We Really Have it All?

Why does life flow for some people and not for others? Is it really all about attitude, visualization or self-esteem? Is it luck? 

Having it all is not the same for everyone. Some of us want live in a log cabin and solitude while others want a winter home in Palm Dessert or Florida.  Some people are driven & make things happen to enhance their life; and then there is the other half of the population who make continual excuses as to why they are not changing their life in a more enhancing way.

It’s much easier “not” to persevere when there are challenges in life. You can’t fail at something new if you don’t try it. This fear will keep you from learning and growing as a person. People who are successful are usually risk takers and not afraid to get out of their comfort zone on a regular basis.

What are some of the reasons people get stuck in their lives?

  • Self Sabotage ~ this inhibits your success because you don’t believe you actually deserve good things can happen to you!
  • Childhood trauma and abuse can tarnish self-worth as an adult.
  • Putting yourself in a boring routine because you are afraid of change!
  • Relying on your looks to get you what you want.
  • Not having a mentor or someone you can go to when you need guidance or to be pushed occasionally.
  • Living in a box due to fears. We are not all born outgoing or ambitious. We have to put ourselves out there to learn these traits.
  • Being anal retentive! This may get you what you want in some areas but it keeps you from real happiness due to your “high maintenance” attitude.
  • Playing the victim because you feel nothing ever goes right for you.
  • You always see the glass as half empty rather than half full because you have lost faith in believing life can be wonderful.
  • Failed relationships or never meeting someone you connect with can cause bitterness.
  • Hanging around negative and apathetic people all the time.
  • Staying in a job you hate.
  • Lack of love & support from family and friends.

Reading that list you probably recognize a few things that you can relate to. I think we all can! So how do you change this to better who you are and get out of this place you have allowed yourself to be in? 

Make a list of your goals or desires and look at them regularly in order of importance. Put some sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, fridge or front door so that you can visualize them throughout the day. You may only have a few things but they could change your life direction in a big way. Believe you are worthy of them! Instead of thinking “It won’t happen” say out loud “Why wouldn’t it happen for me and I am ready to receive it!” Settling for anything in your life including a partner will be a disservice in all aspects of your life; It is a domino effect! Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen.

It may sound easier said than done but if you try something new on a regular basis it will become second nature after a while. It gives your life a purpose and feels rewarding when you accomplish something different. It’s exciting! You also don’t have time to dwell on the little things that used to bother you because you are busy and using your mind in a constructive way. Most people who are angry or judgmental have way too much time on their hands.

Knowing when you are on the right path, it just feels good!  Everything new takes a little work but if there is too much drama or negativity you need to move on. Don’t waste your time in the wrong scenario and that includes some of the pessimistic people in your life that may hold you back! Sometimes incredible things are right in front of us but we ignore them subconsciously. Open your eyes and keep your vision alive by really looking at opportunities that may not be obvious right away.

We have so many more options than our parents and grandparents had and we need to appreciate that. We also live longer so why not make it memorable? A few scars on your knees or on your heart mean you have “lived” and were not afraid to take chances. Eventually we can get it right and achieve what we want, if we “own” life’s lessons that were dealt to us. Don’t spend your life regretting what you did or didn’t do, move on and appreciate each experience. Take the positive from each situation with you to the next level & keep soaring to new heights.

I believe you can have it all if you do not become complacent~ Diversity will keep youth on your side due to a fresh outlook & enhance your life on a continual basis. 

Susan McCord

Dear Sybersue: Women are Weird! Do They Even Know What They Want?

Dear Sybersue: Women are Weird! Do They Even Know What They Want?


Dear Sybersue;  Women are Weird! Do They Even Know What They Want?

I need to address something that really frustrates me.  I’m a 35 year old male and I have still not figured anything out yet when it comes to meeting the right woman!  Women are just strange creatures indeed; regardless of their age!

Younger women are on a long learning curve about life and I don’t want to spend my life teaching them everything. (They also have this sense of entitlement that drives me crazy! Where did they get these unrealistic expectations anyway?) Many women my own age seem to be on a ticking biological clock and are looking for a man to make babies with. Some of them don’t even care if there is a connection as long as there is a sperm donor. Sorry to be so crass but I’m not making this up!

Older women seem to have more regrets about what they did or didn’t do when they were younger and seem a little edgy or angry for the most part!  I’ve never dated an older woman (but I have spoken to many of them) so forgive me if my comment might offend you. I know I am generalizing with all of this but my guy friends agree with me for the most part.  All I know is that when it comes to a woman’s needs I bend over backwards until I break.  Some women say I try too hard and some say I don’t try hard enough. This is why they all seem so wierd to me! I can’t please any of them, any of the time. If I am too nice I am considered boring or pussy whipped and if I am more evasive and not so eager, I am an as$hole.

What do they really want?  If you ask me I think they are the ones who are confused & don’t know what they want or what is important to them! Talk about mixed signals! I know not all men are a great catch either but right now I am just trying to figure out my part in all this. It just seems everyone has become so shallow and quick to judge each other. I just want to be in a normal loving partnership that is reciprocated and healthy.

Is there such a thing or I am delusional hoping there could be?

Thanks, Tony 

Dear Tony,

I am not offended at all & I agree with much of your frustration for the most part. You are at the age where you are ready to make some major life decisions and it isn’t easy these days!  Men and women have changed and confusion has set in as to what both sexes want anymore! So many people seem to have a guarded attitude which just repels a potential date in the opposite direction. We all need to change our judgmental perceptive on each other to even have the slightest chance at finding love in our lives.

You asked what you can do to change your part in what isn’t working in your love life and there are a few things you can do to change your own attitude. You are in danger of becoming stuck in a negative and jaded place and you are probably in a dating pattern that you aren’t even aware of.  You may be attracted to a certain type of woman that doesn’t work for you. Many guys do not even realize that they keep going for the same shallowness because they are only choosing high maintenance women. They make her looks the priority without checking out the whole person. We are all visual creatures but we have be able to look beyond our pulsing loins to meet a quality partner.

Make a list & write down all the important things you really want in a woman & don’t stop reading it until you meet her.  Sometimes we don’t find what we really want because we are confused as to what that is. We spend a lot of time saying “we know what we don’t want” but seldom say out loud “we know what we want and what is important” to us.

You shouldn’t have to bend over backwards for anyone in a relationship as it should be a reciprocated partnership where you both do things for each other. There “is” such a thing as being too nice or too doting on someone which can be a turn off for some women. No one wants someone they can push around in the long run ~ they will end up losing respect for that person because they have too much control & not enough excitement or mystery.  Being predictable can become boring over the years together and it is healthy & fun to keep them guessing just a little.  I don’t mean continually playing games but just to change things up a bit so that it is refreshing when you see each other.

10 Things You Can Do to Change Up Your Dating Scenario:

  • In the first stages of meeting someone new, do not put out “all of you” right away.
  • Get to know them slowly & watch how they treat you & others around them.
  • Change up the type of women you date. Look outside your usual sandbox!
  • If there a sense of entitlement & expectations on their part, remove yourself early on.  Women who are takers are generally pretty obvious right from the start.
  • Be pleasant & respectful with the women you are dating but don’t try too hard! When it is right it has a natural feel to it.
  • Stop going to the same places to meet someone. Change up your surroundings.
  • Work on your attitude and don’t paint all women the same way by saying they are all weird. You are attracting them towards you for a reason so alter your thinking to attract the right one towards you.
  • The most important point in all of this is to know what “you” want, put it out there & believe she will show up in your life.

There is someone for everyone we just need to trust (& not ignore) our instincts, to allow the right one to come in.

Thanks for writing Tony, wishing you much love & happiness  always. 

 xo Sybersue ❤

Believe! Using The Law Of Attraction to Find Love & Better Your Relationships

I am sure by now you have heard this term a few times and may even be getting fed up with how much exposure it is receiving and what does it mean anyway?

In simpler terms: law of attraction means: like attracts like.

Behavior breeds behavior, so when you appear optimistic you will attract others of the same towards you or if you are pessimistic you will keep bringing negative people into your circle. The Law of Attraction helps you learn how to receive & believe you can change your life to attract what you want.  It doesn’t just have to be a dream!

For example: If you are really unhappy in your current job  it may be time to seriously consider leaving it. Your quality of life is more important than staying somewhere that you have outgrown and you are only there because it is easy and safe. Pursuing your life passion should become your focus so that you don’t waste anymore time doing something that is making you very unhappy.  Think about it; If you are constantly putting yourself in a negative environment, how can you possibly be sending out good thoughts?  You just get more of the same repetitive negativity coming back on a daily basis. Putting yourself in a happy place demolishes the demons that keep harboring your regular thoughts.  Just try to be miserable when you are happy!

Don’t look at it as a dream; actually visualize your new path. It is easier to achieve something when you can see it clearly.

Most people are fearful of change especially in their later years. Fear is the biggest obstacle in the average person’s achievements.  Inviting change keeps a person young and removes complacency.

Many individuals do not know how to be alone. They are not comfortable in their own skin. They go from one relationship to the next without any time between the two. In fact many people already have a new relationship lined up before they end the first one. How can you possibly find a new partner when you are still emotionally connected with someone else? Of course it is scary with the thought of being alone again but it is still better to take your time after a breakup than to pull someone into your broken heart.

Pursuing your passion is always the right path. Listen to your intuition, it is never wrong.

If you keep attracting the wrong people into your life, it is happening because of the images you are seeing in your mind. Ask yourself honestly what type of relationship you truly want. Are you looking for love or friendship? How well do you communicate? What does your body language say to others? What do you think of yourself?

By changing your thoughts you can change your life.

Contrary to what many people think attraction may mean, it is not necessarily always a good thing.  Being “attracted or having something or someone attracted to you” can be also be a negative if not used correctly. It is what your thoughts project that comes back into your life.  The energy or vibration that you put out is exactly what the Universe gives back. If you keep meeting abusive people, you are sending out something that is allowing this pattern to happen.  Do not ignore these signs as it may be time to talk to a therapist about this reoccurring scenario. On the other side of the coin, learning how to use this “attraction technique” to bring loving people into your life is what this discussion is all about! The more you practice it, more of the same great things will appear on your path.

Don’t believe me? Look back at your relationships over the years; is there a pattern?  When you say negative comments like:”I never meet anyone”, or “everyone is taken”, “who would want me”, that is what you are projecting! Try saying;  I am going to meet a wonderful partner and believe I deserve a great relationshipThat is what you will achieve if you say it with conviction. Letting those negative thoughts creep in continually will slow the process down immensely.

Send out powerful thoughts on what you really want to receive. Try it for a month and be aware of the positive changes that occur in your life.  (I met my husband using this method!)  There are many articles on this subject and some have been over publicized, but there are some great messages that should not be ignored.

Make a list of what you want and what you are grateful for in your life. Read it back on a regular basis and say it out loud.

People that believe they can have it all are successful because they believed. For all of you non believers, it might be time to open yourself up to trying a new approach to life.  It can’t hurt and who knows, you may actually become a better person and enjoy your own company which will project onto others.  New doors will open and life will only get better.

Susan McCord  &

Interview With Psychic Medium Rick Pedersen

Interview Talk Show host Susan McCord Interviews Psychic Medium Guest Rick Pedersen. She asks the questions we all want to know about how Psychics use their gift to benefit others lives. There is also a discussion on Paranormal Clearing in a “Ghost Busters” kind of way. Learn how this spiritual counseling could work for you to help clear the demons from your mind or home.

Have you ever been to a “Psychic Reading” or dealt with spirits somewhere? Over the years I have been to a few Psychics and one of them has become a dear friend of mine.  I find it all very fascinating and therapeutic as well.  I can honestly say that some of the details I have received have been helpful in my growth & overcoming certain obstacles from my past.

Some people are not open minded when it comes to seeing a psychic for religion reasons, fear of what they may find out about themselves or just the fact that they think it is all a big facade & bunch of crap.  I agree there are some bad ones out there who do not have any credentials but if you do your research and find one that is authentic, it can be a rewarding experience.  There are various types of psychics who specialize in different areas just as a doctor has the option of choosing their preferred field of medicine.  (Here is one website that you can visit to see a list of respected & popular Psychics.)

The important thing to remember with anyone who gives outside advice (including me ;)) is you have to do what is right for you in the long run. Options are put in our life to make choices that can help guide us to a better place. We all become “stuck” at some point in our lives and being open to change and listening to other points of view can be very enlightening.

Please leave your comments below with any experiences you have had with a Psychic Reading. Wishing everyone love & light in their lives always ❤

Susan McCord @
Rick Pedersen @

How to Appreciate the Differences Men & Women Bring to the Relationship


young couple having a quarrel


If you want to date more, appreciate the differences men & women bring to the relationship!

What is the first thing that attracts you to someone you don’t know?

Regardless of whether you are “Gay or Straight,” it is a physical & chemical appeal that gets your attention. Pheromones play an important role in stirring someone’s interest which is somewhat comparable to dogs sniffing each other in the park. (Don’t we wish it were that easy?)

Why are humans so bashful in connecting with others that they are attracted to ~ especially in Vancouver? Is the fear of rejection so powerful that it erases all confidence? People use liquid courage in the bars or at events to finally interact with this magnetic power that has captivated their concentration. “Alcohol is just a layer of backbone that dares us to have faith in oneself.” Men & women are so quick to judge others & themselves that dating has become less frequent due to unreasonable assumptions about each other.

People need to appreciate each gender for what they bring into the relationship & need a reminder of that.

What Women Appreciate in a Man:

  • The biological differences! (Physically and sexually speaking.)
  • Confident strength!
  • Women appreciate men who take care of themselves and their bodies. A naturally muscular athletic guy will make even the most prudish women take notice.
  • Many women today still love a gentleman despite Women’s lib & equality. (Unfortunately this has confused many men with their role today.)
  • When a man honors & respects their opinion.
  • His masculinity & protective qualities ~ makes her feel safe.
  • His friendship loyalty with his mates.
  • His ability to accept his flaws with peacock authority.

What Men Appreciate in a Woman:

  • Sexual & personal confidence.
  • She takes pride in her appearance. (Without taking 3 hours to get there.)
  • Self sufficient but not head strong independent.
  • Enjoys feeling wanted with his masculine abilities.
  • A woman who loves & initiates sex.
  • Her natural scent.
  • A woman’s maternal & nurturing instincts.
  • Her curves & femininity.
  • A woman who has a great body image ~ regardless of size or shape.

Tips for the Ladies to Show Men You Appreciate Them:

  1. Women should appreciate their partner’s sexual appetite because they wouldn’t feel very sexy if their man did not have a yearning for them! Taking the time to enjoy and appreciate this in their man will keep the relationship healthy and alive. Ignoring them sexually is not a good idea if you want to keep them close. (Careers & kids can take a second seat once in awhile!)
  2. Men are visual creatures so make them “see” how much of an effort you make for them. Don’t become the Walmart housewife dressed in sweat pants & oversized T-shirts. Show your feminine side ladies or you will be complaining that he’s glancing at other women all the time. It’s not difficult to take 10 minutes out of your day to remind him why he is attracted to you.
  3. Take time to do something with him that really makes him happy even if it is not your favorite thing to do. Believe it or not guys do like to do some things with their wives! Attend the annual boat show, trek up a mountain trail or at the very least go to a “dick flick” with him. Do anything that makes him feel you are making an effort to do something he enjoys doing. (Especially, if you expect him to accompany you to The Nutcracker Ballet every year.)
  4. Ambitious men are an aphrodisiac to most women. That said, try not to nag at him continually when he has to do the odd work assignment over the weekend or asks you to attend a business dinner with him. There is a small price to pay for his success & the luxuries in your home.

Tips for the Men to Show Women You Appreciate Them:

  1. Many women in Vancouver today are also busy with careers and other passions and appreciate it when their guy is proud of her accomplishments without judgment or jealousies. Both sexes are much more independent than ever before which is great for conversation and teaching each other current & up to date scenarios in an ever changing world. Attaining new achievements keeps the mind youthful & alert which spills over into keeping the relationship fresh!
  2. Women also appreciate that men don’t always have to be “the man.” Women like to be needed as well. They like to feel important and that once in awhile they can save the day too. Men don’t have to fix everything, but wearing a tool belt and cut-offs will probably get him in the bedroom more often! Whether women admit it or not, they have always found construction workers very sexy! There is something to say for a man flexing his muscles using a power drill!
  3. Ladies also like it when men trust their judgment and give them credit once in awhile.
  4. They also appreciate when a man stands up for them when someone berates or ridicules them. For the most part women appreciate men’s direct “shoot from the hip” answers as long as diplomacy is implemented.

At the end of the day men are pretty simple creatures and women can be the more complex sex due to their emotions being the ruler in many cases. Appreciating both sexes for what they bring to each other’s life will be the key to happiness so many people feel is lacking today. Things have changed every Century & recently every decade between men & women, so when are we going to honor these transitions and stop fighting them?

Why do people want to change each other to be like them? Isn’t life more interesting when there are differences to embrace & learn from? Trying to understand each other is not the answer ~ accepting each other is!

Susan McCord @

“It is What it Is” – Law of Allowing By Christy Whitman

It is What it Is!!

The one thing I love most about Social Media is all the great people I meet and also learn from! I found this video from a person who Retweeted one of my YouTube videos.   When I went to thank them for supporting me @ I saw they had also Retweeted some of  Christy Whitman’s  videos.  This is how amazing technology can be in today’s world.

Many people are afraid of  social media power ~ but the tools at our fingertips (literally) are incredible! 

In Christy’s video she states that if we embrace “The Law Of Allowing.” our lives will less constricting.  When certain people or circumstances aggravate us, instead of trying to change the scenario we need to accept it for what it is. It doesn’t mean we have to hang around in a negative environment but we need to be less negative ourselves!  We’ve all been there;  judging others or ourselves, wanting our partners or family to be someone they are not and thinking we should be more successful or should be in a better relationship. Christy states that whenever we use the word “Should” we are not allowing our energy to be what we truly want it to be. “We are wanting something to be different than what it is!”

You don’t have to approve of someone’s opinion or actions but accepting that it is “their reality” without having to constantly prove them wrong is the better way to handle it. Ever noticed how some people always have to be right? Everyone has a view & opinion about certain things but it doesn’t have to be a debate all the time to see who comes out on top.

Family functions are notorious for this and are the cause for much of the dysfunction that occurs. If you are finding that every time you are in an environment that seems to have continual drama you need to reassess why you are putting yourself there or what is attracting you there. You are in control of “you” and how you react to life’s interactions ~ it’s never too late to learn this!

Susan McCord @