Dylan says…

“I don’t mean to send long messages but your videos, your voice and how you present yourself just gives me and probably all your viewers hope that things will get better and makes us feel like you’ve been our friend our whole lives. Thank you for all the positive and kind words you’ve written to me. Even having the message being seen is enough. You truly care about your viewers and I’m glad you’re spreading good in this world when so many people are selfish and in it for themselves. You give me hope!”

Hendrik says…

“I introduced your channel to some of my friends her in Germany, and they love it!!!”

Teresa says…

“Thank-you,  for your  wonderful  support.  I needed to  hear these things,  especially from,
you,  such an  inspiring  woman!
All you say is true,   I need to start on a new  journey even as difficult as it is right now,
as the breakup is still fresh.”

Cress says…

“When I first saw Sybersue I was in a very negative place and didn’t really want to hear what anyone had to say. I was recommended from a friend of mine and finally made the call to see her. I immediately felt comfortable with Sue because she not only validated my feelings, she also made me think about my own actions in why my personal life wasn’t working out for me. She is right that we are in charge of who we attract and allow in our lives! I needed to own my crap and change up my thinking. She really helped me get that! I owe her big time for the great relationship that I am in today.”

Sara says…

“Susan devotes a lot of “pro-bono” time with helping others! I am a member of her ladies Meetup group in Vancouver and I can honestly say how much she has helped me dealing with my divorce over the past year. She has given me hope that life can still be a happy place and that things really do get better with a little time and some good therapy! I am grateful for strong women like Susan who take time to make a difference in other people’s lives.  I am so fortunate to have found her and will always take time to listen to her wisdom and viewpoint on her weekly YouTube videos and blogs. She is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met!

Rich says…

Great advice on your video: How do I change up my relationship drama patterns?

Sue…. as you know, I did this. I explored someone who was outside my “range” and “list”…. and it’s been three months now. We are heading long term and you are totally correct. Stop the insanity of “hoping to get a different result by doing the same things”. I allowed myself to be open to someone outside of my box and it’s awesome!

Roy Says…

Thanks for posting this video Sue! Thank you, I really needed to hear that. That was on point with how I feel today!

Penny says…

“I left my ex for his addiction problems and it helps me just to HEAR someone else be the voice of reason and say “remember why you broke up in the first place” because I miss him so much but I know I have to keep ignoring him. I struggle to not text him but I have to stay away until I don’t have feelings anymore and I’ve moved on. He’s with someone else now but she’s an addict too.”   My Ex Has moved on why do I still miss them?

Richard says…

Your video is 100% accurate!  I was in that position not that long ago I was with my ex girlfriend for 5 years she broke up with me moved out of the house some time went by we would get back together, we would break up, we would get back together,we would break up and the breakups were all initiated by her.

This time around I was with there for about 8 months and in those eight months she broke up with me twice and now thinking about it we just didn’t want the same thing that’s all it was and I couldn’t pinpoint it because like the video says it’s more of a habit than anything else.

I was comfortable with her she was comfortable with me but there is something very very wrong in the relationship that she would end it instead of talking to me and communicating with me she would shut down and disappear and that would drive me insane until we had this last argument and break up that I was done I couldn’t allow this woman to come back and forth into my life and affect my children and I think that’s what finally broke everything.

That same week that she ended things again I met an amazing woman & we have so much in common. She’s totally opposite of my ex-girlfriend but I had to let her go but I’m so thankful that she broke up with me because I would have never met this beautiful woman so trust me it will get better you can’t force someone to be with you it does take two people to make a relationship work but it only takes one for it to fail.

Thank you for posting this video it’s very much appreciated!  Relationship Advice for Men: Why Do I Keep Going Back to My EX?

Cara & Jim say….

“Susan saved our relationship! We had couple’s coaching with her, separately at first and then she suggested that we all meet up together for the next few sessions. It was pretty cool hearing and discussing what we thought was going on in our relationship and at the same time being able to feel safe with someone who truly cared about us.

Susan made us both really think about our actions and helped make us aware of how we were hurting each other due to our own insecurities! All we can say is WOW!

She helped us to bond and see the light in our partnership before we walked away from a strong love that could absolutely be rekindled.  18 months later we are openly discussing any little problems that arise before they escalate into bigger scenarios. 

Susan helped us to take ownership of our actions and not keep blaming each other for what had changed in our partnership!

We sincerely  recommend her to other couples, she gets it!! “