Why Do I Want to Date Someone More When They Aren’t Interested?

In today’s post and video, I discuss a common topic that has become a big problem with dating today: Why Do I Only Want to Date People Who Aren’t Interested in Me?

The millennium has become a very tough time to date and to find love. Many men and women have become picky and judgmental or fearful of commitment due to past breakups or relationships that didn’t work out.

Unfortunately, this attitude ends up sabotaging our happiness when it comes to dating or being in a partnership because we have learned how to numb our hearts.

This can turn into a contradiction of sorts; we’re done with relationships but we still want some action.  It can easily turn into an addictive game of chase that becomes all about the conquest and nothing more.

This can be invigorating and fun for a while, but it may be time to understand what is really going on within you. Why do you only want what you can’t have? Is a protection device due to a something in your past that caused you a lot of emotional pain?

Or is dating too easy for you and you have become bored with the availability of having what you want when you want it???

Maybe you have swiped left too many times and now the only thing that holds your interest is the person who plays hard to get.

Regardless of what has got you to this point, do you really want this type of repetitive dating pattern just to carve out a few more notches in the bedpost?

Be honest with yourself.

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