Beyond Raising Children: Still Have Fuel Left In The Tank?

Beyond Raising Children: Still Have Fuel Left In The Tank?

Whether you’re a mother looking to fill a void now that the children have grown or you are a young mom who wants to still pursue her goals, it’s never too late to enhance  your life.

So how do you make this happen after giving so much of your time to your family? Where do you even start?

Now it’s your time to truly do what you want to do rather than fulfill goals for everybody else. You deserve it! 

You may enjoy the role of motherhood and want to maintain a similar lifestyle that is in the same nurturing field; but you should also be confident not to limit your ability to push yourself further if there is something else you are also interested in pursuing.

You have the life experience and maturity that comes with the hard job of being a mother, to make new decisions about your future. What is important to you? 


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Running a daycare

One of the easiest businesses to run straight from your home is a daycare 

Many mothers still want to continue being a part of the working community. Daycare centers have become a lifeline for many moms especially those of the millennial generation.

You already have the parenting experience and it is also a great way to be your own boss. You can set your own rates, hire people whom you trust and generally run a tight ship as the captain at the helm. 

Lean on your own personal parenting experience and also create activities that both challenge toddlers/babies and keep it fun at the same time!

It doesn’t have to be an expensive business setup as you are the one in charge of managing the daycare amenities, the healthy snacks or any special outings that you may plan during the day.  You have the control to keep the cost at a reasonable price that works for you and your clients. 

This self-employed job works great if you’re still raising your own children as well.


The late entrepreneur

Do you still have those creative juices from your early twenties flowing around your brain? Why not take action to set up your own business? There is plenty of help available for women who have the vision of a owning a successful and sustainable enterprise!

Mull over these loans for women to start a business and see where your expertise lies. You will stand a much better chance of qualifying if you can present a responsible business plan.

This should entail how you plan to expand your business in a timely and controlled manner, how you will increase production of your products and or services, how you will keep costs in check and afford to hire staff to grow your workforce etc.

These requirements actually help you to stay focused on your business long term because you have to adhere to them on a daily basis. It’s always a good idea to ask other business owners for help along the way. The first year is the toughest so be open to any support you may receive.

It’s never too late to make your dreams happen. Those ambitious goals you put on hold while you were raising your children are still there and now you have the time to make them happen.  Put yourself out there and watch your business plan come together. 

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Must-Read Tips for Any Couple Moving Abroad

Must-Read Tips for Any Couple Moving Abroad

They say that everyone should move abroad at least once in their life and it is not difficult to see why. You get the chance to experience an entirely new country, live the high life, enjoy some sunshine (depending on where you go, of course), and create some amazing memories.

However, there is no denying that it can be a roller-coaster journey. There are going to be some ups and downs and your relationship is going to go through some tests along the way.  With that being said, read on to discover some amazing tips for couples that are moving abroad.

Don’t make a strict timeline 

Most people like to have a timeline when they make the decision to move abroad. For example; they want to have a job within ‘x’ months, they want to return back to their home country by ‘x’ date and so on.

Not everything goes to plan and you need to be prepared for the unexpected, so it is better not to have such a strict timeline and go with what feels right and embrace the journey. Putting a timeline on your new life only creates more stress and pressure.

Discuss your goals

It is important to discuss your goals before you move overseas. Why did you decide to move? It will be a question you will be asked in job interviews, by your partner and also by protective family and friends. It is vital to discuss your precise expectations and goals of those dreams, and to be on the same page in your relationship when making such a big decision.

Learn the language together

It is always a good idea to learn the local language when moving to a new place. At the very least you should learn common everyday phrases before you even get on the plane.

Once you arrive it is a smart idea to take language classes with your partner. The locals will respect you immensely for trying to immerse in their way of living, no matter how broken your dialect is. 

Spend time apart 

Spending time apart in any relationship is healthy but it can be incredibly difficult when you are moving to place where you only know each other.  It is important to take time to yourself so you have a break from depending solely on each other.  Go for a run/walk or take a few hours to go shopping and explore the city.

You will both need to make an effort to meet some new friends. This can be challenging especially when there is a language barrier. Nevertheless, there tends to be large expat communities in most international cities so this should make life a lot easier.

Join a forum where you will be able to talk to people that were once in your position. You may make some new friends from this and at the very least you will gain some valuable advice that is going to make your move a lot easier.

Get help when needed

 There are so many different things you will need to do when moving abroad and you can often feel like you are drowning in your to-do list. This is why it is a good idea to enlist help when needed.

This could be anything from hiring a migration agent to assist with your visa, to asking some of your friends and family members to help with packing up your belongings. This will ease the pressure you’re both dealing with and give you some peace of mind that everything will be done on time. 

Don’t lose the romance in your partnership

It can be easy for the romance to dwindle away when there are so many other pressures that come with a big move! Romance can often take a backseat on the priority list; especially when you are trying to budget. However, it is important to keep the romance alive and to have regular date nights to keep your love flourishing.

Communicate with each other 

It is so important to be vocal with your partner when you move abroad. The worst thing you can do is keep things bottled up until you end up exploding in frustration. You need to listen and hear each other concerns.

Don’t expect to adapt perfectly right away

You need to be prepared for a few hurdles along the way. Some people assume that everything is going to go perfectly. You are moving to a new destination with so many amazing things to offer from sunshine to a more luxurious lifestyle.

What could possibly go wrong?

When you have this unrealistic  attitude, any type of pressure can hit you twice as hard. Adapting to a new environment isn’t easy for many people. After all, you are going to be embracing any entirely new way of life and you are doing this without the support of your friends and family nearby. Understanding and accepting this will help you both adjust to your new home.

Understand each other’s differences 

When moving abroad, you need to understand that you and your partner are different people and because of this, you may have completely opposite experiences with how things unfold early on. It is important to respect that your partner is not always going to be feeling the same way as you about the experience and honor that.

Have patience 

Having patience is one of the most important tips when moving abroad.  Not only do you need to have patience with each other (because you may view this  journey differently) but you also need to give some time to adjust to your new surroundings. 

Many people move abroad and when everything does not fall into place immediately, they decide to pack their bags and go home. Don’t give in this easily because you are homesick.

You should also avoid going back home for a holiday too quickly.  This will only make the move more difficult. Wait until you are settled and content before taking a journey home. Why not ask your family members to visit you instead?

Living out of a suitcase is not going to be easy

When you move to a new country you may only have as many belongings as you can carry in the early stages. This can be very frustrating not having all the comforts you are used to. This can be very hard for some people and for others it is a great adventure and does not bother them at all.

Immerse yourself into the culture 

It is all about immersing yourself in the culture when trying to adjust to a new environment. You should get out there and mingle with the locals. Enjoy the local delicacies and embrace their way of life. Be mindful  and respectful of their customs. This will make your transition into their way of life much easier.

Set aside some extra money 

Finances can be a strain on any relationship and this is definitely the case when moving abroad. Some people are shocked by how financially tough moving to a new destination can be. Be prepared by setting a budget ahead of time and put some money away so that you have a buffer for any unexpected financial situations that may arise.

Learn how to cope  with missing family and friends 

Last but not least, dealing with family and friends back home is one of the most difficult parts of moving to another country. You are leaving your loved ones behind and they  can feel the loss even more than you do. Be gentle and honest with them by explaining this decision to move and ask for their support.

Hopefully you now feel more prepared for the journey that is ahead of you. It is important to stick together and help each other through this difficult journey. Stay connected and talk to each other often to combat the initial loneliness you may all feel. 

Preparing yourself with all of these tips mentioned above will give you and your partner the greatest chance of moving abroad successfully. It is never easy to uproot your life to a completely new city where you know very few people, but with every new adventure you learn so much about life and the diverse experiences it has to offer.

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Is Getting Married The Only Way To Cement A Relationship?

Is Getting Married The Only Way To Cement A Relationship?

If you’ve been living with your partner for the past few years and you both feel like now is the right time to cement your relationship, you might feel like you have no choice but to get married. It’s the next step!

When you return home to your parents to tell them that you’re getting married to the one person that you love most on the planet, something might not feel quite right when you actually say it out loud.

You may not want a big church wedding, walking down the aisle with numerous pairs of eyes on you, a lavish affair or a full-blown sit-down reception. Regardless of what your  wedding plans may entail, your parents might be pleased to see you settling down!

Is a wedding the only way to show your commitment to your one and only? Take a look at how a wedding could fit into your life plan while at the same time showing some of the alternatives.

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Laid Back

Some people simply hate the idea of having to plan every minute detail of this special day that they should be enjoying. Weddings don’t have to be like an army drill; they can be relaxed and laid-back affairs.

To make things less stressful you could surrender all of the planning to a professional who can take care of everything and the finer details. You could let them know of any color scheme that you might desire, the sort of transport you might like and what type of venue you’d like to share your vows in.

If you decide that you want to relinquish most of  the organizing and responsibility simply tell the wedding planner your budget and let them get on with organizing your big day!

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A wedding doesn’t have to consist of the formal sit down wedding breakfast complete with four food courses, an amuse bouche and champagne. This might not fit in with your ethos or personality at all.

You might prefer a meal at your favorite haunt, a takeaway from the restaurant where you had your first date, a casual party with family and friends at home, or you might be happier with a buffet or a dinner creation cooked by your own fair hands.

Not everyone is into the formal concept of a wedding and they want to celebrate their commitment but not in a way that makes them legally bound.

Instead you could throw a commitment party or a unity ceremony. You can still say your vows to one another and it can look to all intents and purposes like a wedding but it won’t be under the eyes of the law and you can still have whatever catering you feel like afterwards.

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Personal Touch

When it comes to the wedding reception this is a great excuse to have a party, regardless of the how traditional or non-traditional your venue is. You and your partner want to celebrate your love!

You could opt for a disco or DJ style, hire the services of a tribute band who plays only the finest soul or soft rock classics or you could whip out your iPod and go DIY with your own music choice of entertainment.

The excellent thing about a wedding soiree is that everything is planned with love and comes from the heart. Making and designing things yourself adds a very personal touch.

You could even make your own DIY wedding invitations; you don’t  necessarrily need a  printing firm to create the invites to your nuptials. You want them to be personal, meaningful and anything but generic, so add your own design ideas and personalize it to show who you are as a couple.

The notion that your wedding reception has to be in a hotel or function room post-church ceremony is super traditional and doesn’t reflect everyone’s modern values. Some people are not religious and choose to forego this type of ritual and choose the casualness of getting married in a civil ceremony. 

If you feel uncomfortable making vows in the eyes of God, then you can both choose not to do so. This is your special day so you and your partner should be able to decide the way in which you celebrate your commitment to each other.

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Keeping It In The Family

It can be hard to break the family tradition and opt for an alternative celebration if your mother has been aching to see you get formally married since you were a newborn. Parents all want the best for their children but it isn’t always a mutual desire for everyone involved. You have to do what’s right for you and your partner. 

Explain to your family why you won’t be having a traditional wedding and why you are opting for an alternative event. Once they see just how committed you are to your soulmate and how much you love each other, they will be happy to share your special day whatever form it takes. 

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Dealing With Anxiety In a Relationship: How Can You Help Your Partner?

Dealing With Anxiety In a Relationship: How Can You Help Your Partner?

Ill mental health can consume a person entirely and it can be hard for someone who loves them to stand by watching, feeling completely helpless and not knowing how to help.

This has been known to cause a few relationship problems if one partner can’t open up fully to the other one, or a partner doesn’t make an effort to understand what ill mental health may feel like for the other person and why they are acting a certain way.                         affection, blur, close-up                      

It can be extremely frustrating to always be arguing over something neither of you can control or to constantly feel useless when you can see your partner is going through emotional torment. Here are some tips on how you can help and understand the appropriate etiquette for when your partner is having a low or anxiety-filled day.

Be Patient

The most important thing no matter what the circumstances is to remain patient. Anxiety attacks, low days, and all the baggage that accompanies ill mental health is never going to show up at a convenient time.

Even if you are running late, need to get to sleep or are in the middle of a busy shopping center, your partner will need time to recover and maybe even need to remove themselves from the situation completely.

It is important not to get frustrated and remember the best thing for your partner is to be supportive and do exactly what they ask to help them to feel better. This may not be the same every time.

Ask About Their Therapy

If your partner is currently going through anxiety counselling or talking to a therapist to find the root cause of why they are feeling the way they are, talk to them about their sessions.

Of course there may be some sensitive information they want to keep between themselves and their counselor but any information you can obtain on what to do to help while they are having an attack, will help you to feel a more equipped when these events occur. 

Be Present And Adaptable

Some days your partner may appreciate you being there and looking after them and  other days they may just want to be left alone. Depression can make a person feel extremely guilty. Your partner may try pushing you away as they do not want to bring you down.

It’s a good idea to reassure them that you are there for them no matter what and to listen to what they say and how they feel. Don’t be offended if your partner just wants to be by them self. They may be feeling extremely fatigued or just can’t handle social interaction that particular day.

However even when they want to be alone, knowing that you are nearby can be very comforting for them. Especially if ill mental health puts your partner in a vulnerable position they may need you if they suddenly have an anxiety attack or have any harmful thoughts.

If either you or your partner need to talk to someone at anytime of the day you can call The Samaritans, who will be able to connect you with a professional to talk to.   

No one is the same when it comes to ill mental health and everyone will deal with it in their own individual way. If your partner has opened up about their struggles and can  be themselves in front of you – without the mask that so many wear to hide mental health problems – they trust you and care deeply for you.

All you can do is try your best to help them and pick up strategies through experience of how best to help them. Talk to them, be open and patient.

Eventually, things will start to fall into a natural rhythm and you’ll be keyed in enough to intuitively understand how your partner is feeling.  

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Healing After A Painful Relationship

Healing After A Painful Relationship

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It can be difficult to get yourself back together after a difficult relationship ends. Sometimes even in abusive relationships we allow them to go on too long and in the process affect us negatively.

It’s not always easy to see the pain that someone has inflicted on you. It might be even harder to see because you are complicit in the blame. Still, ruminating on what went wrong and what might have been, is not the best way to handle it.

Dealing with your internal strife and taking the steps to change and heal your pain can be the best allocation of your time right now. It might even rival working hard at your career in the form of overtime and burying yourself in duties, as it takes time for the body and mind to recuperate to its original state.

Healing after a painful relationship is not easy, but it can be done and maybe sooner than you think. The following tips should give you easily applicable advice to help you out of this difficulty. 

Accept It

Accepting that you’ll feel pretty devastated for a number of weeks or months is the most mature thinking you can start out with. It allows you to truly face the scope of the pain you might have to deal with to heal properly.

If you’re feeling sad and try to bury those feelings, then you’ll only suppress them temporarily. You can be sure that they’ll come flooding back at a later date. Accepting your feelings allows you clarity. Sometimes, simply feeling the emotions allows you to process them, because they become a reality rather than something you keep hidden away.

Treat Yourself

Treating yourself is important. Remember, there is only one you.  Financial success, fame, competence and all other factors that you may have in your life, might mean little to you right now. They don’t have hold of your heart; but those are the things that make you you, so be sure to give yourself the time to indulge in them. 

Treat yourself to something you have always wanted to do. Blasting yourself out of  your comfort zone and into a place of adventure can help you feel less like a victim and more like someone able to take proactive authority over your life.

It might mean taking out guaranteed approval personal loans to fund a vacation for now, as you schedule the repayments for later. Make yourself the priority. You deserve to fall back in love with yourself, as you are the only person who can truly heal you.

Meet New People

There are seven billion people on this planet. That means that feeling hung up on one person is neglecting the majority of the human race. Who knows what stunning memories you could craft with someone across the world in five years from now?

The only way you’ll get to know is if you go out there and visit places you otherwise might not. Explore and try to connect with people from all walks of life. New friendships and (when you’re ready,) new relationships could be just around the corner!

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Want to Make Your Wedding Memorable? Give It a Roaring Twenties Theme!

Want to Make Your Wedding Memorable? Give It a Roaring Twenties Theme!

Are you somebody that loves a bit of glitz and glamour? Are you somebody that is currently in the midst of organizing their wedding? Are you also somebody that is currently struggling for ideas on how to make their wedding day memorable?

Why don’t you give your wedding a distinct Roaring Twenties theme!

The Roaring Twenties was a time period that changed our world. It occurred throughout the 1920’s and was a time of prosperity, glitz, glamour, celebrity culture, jazz music, aviation and art deco. It was a time where the conflict and subsequent depression of the years prior were washed away and replaced with a far more modern, happy-go-lucky feel.

If you’re struggling to picture it, just think of The Great Gatsby!

If you want to see just how you can create a distinctly Roaring Twenties theme in your wedding and make it one of the most memorable wedding events of your guests’ life, then make sure to read on.

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First of all, make sure the invites set the tone

No wedding theme can be memorable if it isn’t set up properly through the wedding invitations. Yes, your wedding’s Roaring Twenties theme will not be memorable if the tone of it isn’t captured right away through its invites. 

To capture it, you’re going to have to go directly to a professional in the field of wedding invitation creation. Anything less will neither capture the tone you are looking for or look glitzy enough to work with your Roaring Twenties theme. With this in mind, a good first port of call should be to contact a stationary creator such as Paper Themes. They offer highly professional creations in the field of invitations!

Yes, the Paper Themes wedding invites really do scream professional and will capture the tone of your wedding — but that’s not the best part!  They already offer a type of wedding invitation that comes ready made in the style of the aforementioned Great Gatsby, so you wouldn’t even have to look far for your ideal style or inspiration.

Whatever style you go for with your wedding invitations, just make sure they are glitzy and golden enough to set the tone of your Roaring Twenties theme!

Pay extra attention to the clothing choices

The Roaring Twenties were a time where fashion really took off and everybody wanted to dress immaculately. So you, your partner, your wedding party and all of your guests should follow suit of this mantra and make sure that they dress to impress!

When it comes to choosing the bride’s dress, make sure to take as much inspiration as you can from the styles adorned by Zelda Fitzgerald, an American socialite whose heyday came slap bang in the middle of the Roaring Twenties.

You should take Zelda as your inspiration because her styles, particularly her dresses, really did encapsulate the period due to their cream-coloured, bias-cut and regularly embroidered style with gold paillettes.  If you want to truly embrace the Roaring Twenties with your dress choice, then it simply must incorporate all of these things.

If you really want to push the boat in regards to your dress then make sure to have it come laden in all sorts of other embellishments, such as sequins and fringes. Just, whatever you do, do not let the dress be bright white! This will not fit in with the style and theme you are going for — go for a more vintage look, like vanilla, ivory or blush.

When it comes to the groom and the groomsmen, everything needs to look equally as flashy. Preferably, they should all be wearing Gatsby-inspired three-piece suits as they really capture the style that the men of the Roaring Twenties liked to wear and had to wear to fit in with their social groups.

If you’d rather go for a more casual look when it comes to dressing all of the important men in your wedding, then striped blazers and suspenders will fit the bill perfectly.  To really take the style home, whether it be the flashy suit style or the more casual style that you choose, make sure that all of these very important men in your wedding are wearing bow ties!

Finally, make sure to suggest to your guests that them coming dressed in a Roaring Twenties style themselves will only make their special day even better!

Treat your wedding like it is a big stage

Everybody who lived in the Roaring Twenties period loved to go and watch a stage show every now and again — think the cabaret and jazz music — which is why you’re going to need to treat your whole wedding experience as if it is one big stage.

What this means is that you should use your wedding space wisely and transform it into a Gatsby-esque type dining room (or lawn party, if it is an outdoor space that you are working with) wherever and whenever you can. This means using fancy linens to adorn the walls, strung lighting to light up the whole space, vintage suitcases to act as small tables, globes, gramophones and cameras to act as props.

So there you have it, three pieces of Roaring Twenties advice to follow that will turn any wedding into a memorable event. Just whatever you do, do not ever let your wedding preparations put a strain on your relationship.

No matter what theme you decide to go for with your wedding, whether it is a Roaring Twenties theme or not, and no matter how much effort, time and money you are prepared to put into the venture, no wedding is worth destroying a relationship over.

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Is Your Upcoming Wedding Putting Strain on your Relationship? (Collaborative Post)

Is Your Upcoming Wedding Putting Strain on your Relationship? (Collaborative Post)

Do you feel as though your wedding is becoming more stressful than ever? Maybe you feel as though you and your partner have drifted since the wedding planning started and now you are worried that your relationship might not make it through. Either way, there are a couple of ways that you can avoid all of the wedding stress.


Your wedding is probably going to be a once in a lifetime event. It will require a lot of planning and a lot of patience. It is very unrealistic to say that your entire wedding plans will run smoothly from the second that you get engaged. In fact, it is most likely going to be one of the most stressful situations you have ever been in.

One way to try and combat this would be for you to think positive. This will help your whole experience to be much nicer and it will also help you to organize things should they get out of control. By staying positive and by planning the whole thing out in advance, you can then take more time over each stage while also reducing the amount of pressure you are putting on yourself. Things you need to plan include the venue, the flowers, the photographer and more. If you need a good wedding photographer then Vittore Buzzi is a great option.

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Go To Sleep on Time

When planning a wedding, you may feel as though you and your partner have to stay up late talking about it and you may also deprive yourself of any time together because you’re so busy planning for the big day. Either way, it is very important that you go to sleep on time and that you also do everything you can to spend some time with your loved one.

You have to make sure that the time you do spend together is not wedding related, so that you can then wind down and take some of the pressure off. Of course, if you are constantly tired then you will be more likely to argue and even more likely to be more susceptible to stress, so this is a huge factor that you need to consider.

Beach Wedding Ceremony during Daytime


Think about it, can you really afford to pay that much for a wedding? Can you afford to have a honeymoon together? If you can’t then you may be overspending and this can put additional strain on you as a couple. For example, if you can’t afford the wedding then after the whole thing is over you will have a lot of mess to deal with and this can lead to even more arguments.

For this reason, you have to make sure that you do everything you can to plan a wedding you can afford because ultimately, the day is about celebrating you as a couple and setting you up for your life together. If you are going to have a constant worry about money for months after your wedding, then you may want to reconsider your plans.

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