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What is the Biggest Red Flag in a New Relationship?

What is the Biggest Red Flag in a New Relationship?

We date to hopefully meet someone with whom we are compatible and to eventually have a reciprocated respectful loving partnership with. This red flag in today’s video is not something to ignore!

Personal boundaries are so important and respect for yourself is number one on the priority list.

If you are putting way more energy into a new relationship than you are receiving from them, you are setting a precedence that will always put you in a lopsided scenario.

Being too available and always so eager to please them, allows them to be in total control of your partnership. You are also putting your own life on hold for them because whenever they text, you jump to be with them regardless of how last minute it is.

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You should BOTH be excited to see each other!

Be smart with who you let into your life and don’t settle for part-time attention from anyone who you are dating. Would you want to be with someone you could walk all over? Would you respect someone who allowed you to do that?

Most of us wouldn’t be attracted to a person who put us on a pedestal where we could do no wrong. We all want to be with someone who doesn’t let us get away with every little thing and who calls us out on our crap. It’s not healthy to put all your energy into your partner while ignoring your own personal needs.

A reciprocated partner should be an extension of who you already are as your authentic self! <3

No one starts out trying to put themselves into toxic or drama-filled relationships

But, if you don’t pay close attention to how your own actions affect your choices, you will continue to repeat negative patterns that don’t work out. Your happiness is the most important thing when you are prioritizing having a future with someone. It’s not all about them!

If you are always questioning their motives and you are continually being put on hold you are with the wrong person. Period!

Don’t let lustful chemistry hold you hostage and lure you in so that you have little control to say no to their every need. Take your time in getting to know someone and don’t jump into bed with them before you know their true character.

It usually only takes a few dates for your instincts to kick in and you give you the heads up on what their true intent is. Always listen to your gut before you let your loins lead the way to another heartbreak.

Sybersue xo <3

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