Having Regrets in Life Will Keep you Stuck

Having Regrets in Life Will Keep You Stuck

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Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today I discuss: Having Regrets in Life Will Keep You Stuck.

We often hold onto the things that cause us pain, anger, or sadness in our lives because of how it affects our hearts and our mindset. This is due to the regrets of the choice that we made at the time. Sadly, this keeps us stuck in a repetitive place that isn’t good for us and prevents us from moving on to finding happiness and contentment in our lives.

It is so important to own your mistakes and learn the lessons from every situation that you experience in your life. Many people end up in a stage of denial about what part they played in those difficult choices that they made. Unfortunately, this only adds to the time frame of feeling detached from being able to move on with clarity to a higher place of self-worth.

The best way to move forward from any regretful scenario is to own your shortcomings and forgive yourself and others in any given situation that causes problems for you. This goes for career issues, dating or relationship patterns that aren’t working out, being rejected by an Ex, or any other life drama that is causing you ongoing regrets.

Continually regretting how you live your life holds you hostage.

When you spend a good part of your day in a negative or regretful mindset, it keeps you from being able to find the tools that could help you to move out of a difficult phase in your life. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel because you are overwhelmed with these overpowering thoughts. There are always going to be some hard knocks to deal with as you make your way through the different decades during your lifetime, but the trick is to learn how to accept them and move onto a better path.

Making errors because you tried something new, is a good thing because you are not staying stagnant in a place that is unfulfilling. You are making an effort to evolve and change up what isn’t serving you anymore. This is a strength, not a weakness!


Having regrets causes internal turmoil.

Some people think that staying in the safety of their comfort zones will prevent and protect them from being hurt or having to go through any more hardship. When you hold onto the regrets in your life, you are also regularly reminded of what isn’t transpiring in your life as well. It’s difficult to move forward when you are harboring some deep resentment. It holds you down like a vice and takes over your thought process in a possessive way.

This can often affect your well-being mentally as well as physically. Stress or anger can become internally toxic, and can actually make you sick. This is another reason you should always find a way to deal with some of life’s painful lessons. You should be thankful for the time you gave to those situations because now you are closer to finding what it is that is most important to you. (You definitely know what you’re not looking for!)

Each experience is a blessing to help give you clarity and purpose in your life!

You may not understand why something happened to you at certain times in your life. Why a job didn’t work out, or why a relationship abruptly ended. It can cause you suffocating sadness trying to figure this out and why you had to deal with it.

Look back at those things that didn’t transpire in the way you would have liked, and be honest with what you visualize now. Could you still see yourself in that job or with your Ex today? We don’t always see that the Universe does have our best interest at heart until we stand back at look at where we came from.

Our ego takes a big beating sometimes, and it can control how we move forward in certain scenarios.

Try not to hold a grudge because you feel rejected from certain situations that didn’t pan out the way you wanted them to. There is usually a big reason why they don’t work out, but it takes positive energy to see why that transpired. Understanding there is something coming that is much better for you, will help you gain clarity faster.

These difficult life experiences give you character, which makes you an interesting person to be around. You are more worldly because you have tried different things and keep getting back up to try something else. When you hold onto regrets, you are holding onto anger or sadness of a certain situation. Don’t let these emotions control your future. (Self-love can help you through so many of these tough times, and it is important to practice this on a daily basis.)

It is important to grieve the loss of what transpired because burying it will only cause it to resurface at a later date. Be grateful that you can choose a happier existence because of these lessons you learned.

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Life is full of stepping stones, but they usually take you on a better path when you learn the lessons quickly.

When you appreciate who you are and all the trials and tribulations that you have had to endure, you will always move onto a better path. Being grateful for everything you have experienced is one of the lessons that many people don’t learn until much later.

When you spend your life in constant disappointment because your priority is always about instant gratification, you are missing out on the value of appreciation. When worthwhile experiences take their time to find their way into your life, there should always be respect for each and every adventure that comes into your world. It is much more rewarding when you have had to do the work to achieve the outcome.

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