Having Regrets in Life Will Keep you Stuck

Having Regrets in Life Will Keep You Stuck

Making errors because you tried something new, is a good thing because you are not staying stagnant in a place that is unfulfilling. You are making an effort to evolve and change up what isn’t serving you anymore. This is a strength, not a weakness!

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How do I prioritize self-love

How Do I Prioritize Self-Love?

Forgive yourself for any difficult life lessons you may have had to learn and understand that these lessons are not to be viewed as a failure. They are put on your path to help you evolve to a higher place of growth. Happiness and contentment come from learning how to give and receive love equally. By having boundaries and self-respect, you learn how to value your self-worth. You are not questioning who you are because you really like who you are!

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How to be More Positive in Your Life and Your Relationships

It isn’t always easy to get our self-doubt out of a funk so how are we supposed to start thinking positively when our life is not feeling so great? The first thing is to stop taking everything so personally and understand that everyone is going through their own frustrations as well.