Having Regrets in Life Will Keep you Stuck

Having Regrets in Life Will Keep You Stuck

Making errors because you tried something new, is a good thing because you are not staying stagnant in a place that is unfulfilling. You are making an effort to evolve and change up what isn’t serving you anymore. This is a strength, not a weakness!

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Do you honor each other's expectations in your relationship?

Do You Honor Each Other’s Expectations in Your Relationship?

Everyone should have boundaries and respect for themselves, therefore having some expectations on how you want to be treated in your partnership should always be a number 1 priority. You certainly don’t want to be taken for granted or walked over because you don’t have a voice about how you want to be respected.

10 small things every couple should do to maintain their relationship

10 Simple Things Every Couple Should Do to Maintain Love in Their Relationship

We all want to feel heard and validated in our partnerships and the couples who understand the importance of this on a regular basis, are the ones who continually evolve throughout their years together. I can promise you from my own experience, it is always worth putting in the energy and prioritizing the love you share. It is a wonderful and very worthwhile investment that continues to give back.

Dating has become difficult due to generalized opinions from both sexes

Dating Has Become Difficult Due to Generalized Opinions From Both Sexes

The trouble with this repetitive thinking is that it sabotages your chances of finding a loving partnership due to holding onto this judgmental attitude. Not all men are the same and not all women are the same! Really, how is that working out for anyone when a big percentage of men and women believe this to be true?

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Should I Reply to a Girl I Dated Who Hasn’t Texted Me for 4 Months?

Whatever the reason was that she stopped texting, it could be good for you to have some closure with what transpired between the two of you. It can be very hurtful when someone ghosts you after you thought your relationship was going well! It’s always nice to have some clarity moving forward.