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Don’t Shortchange Your Needs by Waiting Around for Someone Who is Only into Casual Dating

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Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today I discuss the topic: Don’t Shortchange Your Needs by Waiting Around for Someone Who is Only into Casual Dating.

It is important to be on the same page with what you are looking for with someone you are dating. Be very careful not to put yourself in a one-sided scenario where you are the only one compromising. If you are looking for an exclusive partnership, please don’t take a backseat when it comes to having your personal needs met.

If you are dating online, your preference should be stated in your profile so that there isn’t any uncertainty that you are looking for a potential partnership. They also need to be aware that you are not into casual dating or hookups of any sort. You want to be a priority, and not just of the many people that they may be dating at the same time.

If someone tells you they are not interested in having a serious relationship right now, believe them!

Listen closely to what someone tells you. Why would they lie about not wanting to be in a committed relationship? Spending time with people hoping they will change their minds, will keep you stuck in a place of repetitive heartbreak. Leaving it too late to have important conversations can add to the confusion of where you stand in a new situation.

Your date should know going in, that you are looking for an exclusive partnership, if that is your top priority. Always have boundaries when dating, or thinking about venturing into a new relationship. When you really pay attention, you know when someone is dating you in a reciprocated manner, or whether they are just out to have a little booty call fun.

Don’t spend unnecessary energy trying to change their mind and hope they will eventually fall in love with you. You shouldn’t have to try that hard to be in a relationship with someone. When things are moving along in the right direction, you won’t have to ask a lot of questions. You will be on the same page and there will be a natural progressive flow happening between you both. They will want the same things as you, and you will be comfortable communicating this with one another.

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Don’t settle for something that is making you unhappy or leaving you with continual doubt.

Many men and women stay in situations for far too long when they are not getting their needs met. Allowing yourself to stay with someone who isn’t making you happy, or fulfilling your relationship goals, is taking precious time away from you being with a partner who truly loves you. Maintaining a relationship because you are afraid to be alone, or sticking around hoping that things will eventually be reciprocated, means that you are settling for an unhealthy partnership with the wrong person.

The sooner you learn to respect your partnership requirements and understand that you deserve to have unconditional love in your life, the sooner you will start to shut the door early in dating scenarios that don’t serve you. It will also help you see the red flags much faster, with each encounter that becomes negatively repetitive.

Learning the lessons in difficult life experiences is a big part of evolving to a much higher place where you are supposed to be.

Understanding the importance of prioritizing your self-respect is one of the tougher lessons, but well worth the learning curve to get there. Knowing when it is time to walk away from something that isn’t working, shows personal growth and self-worth. You comprehend what love looks like for you! You also naturally practice manifesting it toward you by visualizing your desires and understanding you deserve to have a loving partnership. This is a very powerful tool that can help you in all aspects of your life!

Furthermore, you know in your heart when someone isn’t in your life for the same reasons that are important to you. Moving on quickly from these situations will always bring you closer to meeting your potential partner. This is due to the fact that you are not giving your energy to people who are not sincere with what they want from you.

If someone you meet is only into casual dating, tell them that isn’t what you are looking for. Thank them for their honesty and move on in the direction you want to be in. Don’t shortchange your personal happiness when you are not on the same path as someone you are dating. You are always in charge of who you attract and allow, into your life. Pay close attention to your instincts and listen closely to their guidance.

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