TV Interview: Dating Advice For Men & Women Over 40

Men & women are always complaining that there is no one to date after the age of 40. There is someone for everyone and we have to get this negativity out of our heads. Relationships breakup at all ages & everyone deserves to have love in their lives. It doesn’t end because you hit a certain age. Life begins at 40 so why would love not be a part of the equation?

Putting out to the Universe that you deserve to be happy & have a partner to share your life with, will help you to achieve that. If you want to attract love into your life, you have to open to receive it. Closing yourself off to and not being receptive, will keep you lonely forever. Have you ever asked yourself why other people always seem to have a partner? The answer is because they embrace the idea & believe they are worthy of it. It is really that simple but humans are complicated creatures. We spend our lives sabotaging the things we desire the most. Knowing this, is half the battle & will change our life direction when we are honest with ourselves & make the changes.

~Go for what you want & believe you deserve it. The rest will happen & eventually flow into place~

Susan McCord @

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