Are you both on the same page when it comes to being exclusive as a couple?

Are You Both on the Same Page When It Comes to Being Exclusive as a Couple?

It is up to you to take charge of your life and be mindful of who you let in. When something is on the right path, there really aren’t a lot of questions because you communicate your feelings with one another. You feel comfortable in your environment with them due to the natural flow your relationship takes on.

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10 small things every couple should do to maintain their relationship

10 Simple Things Every Couple Should Do to Maintain Love in Their Relationship

We all want to feel heard and validated in our partnerships and the couples who understand the importance of this on a regular basis, are the ones who continually evolve throughout their years together. I can promise you from my own experience, it is always worth putting in the energy and prioritizing the love you share. It is a wonderful and very worthwhile investment that continues to give back.

Are You Sacrificing too Much to be in a Relationship?

Are You Sacrificing too Much to be in a Relationship?

The first rule of thumb in any partnership is that you need to respect yourself first if you want to be respected by your partner. If you are always giving in to your partner’s needs and sacrificing your own, you will be living in a very unbalanced relationship. Valuing yourself is so important if you want reciprocated love with someone.

Rebuilding a past relationship with your ex

Rebuilding a Past Relationship With Your Ex

When the foundation of a connection is powerful, love can often stand the test of time even though you are not together as a couple. You have an undeniable chemistry that never seems to dissipate. The most important thing to think about if you are in a position to rekindle a romance with your Ex is to understand what the problems were that made you break up with them.

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