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How Can I Stop Being so Dependent on My Partner in my Relationships?

A great relationship is one where you are both there for each other, but you still have your own dreams, goals, and separate interests. Of course, you should always have each other’s back and support one another, but never give up who you are as a person for someone else.

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I Just Found Out My Boyfriend of Two Years is Married! Should I Give Him an Ultimatum?

Take yourself out of the equation for a minute and think about his wife and kids. If this is destroying you right now, how do you think they will feel? You have given him 2 years of your love while she has said marriage vows and given him two beautiful children!

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Surviving The Lows In Your Relationship

Relationships are about partnerships, but each person is an individual. A couple can be on very different paths, encountering various challenges along the way. If your partner opens up to you about a specific problem they’re having, or if they’re struggling with their health or well-being, be supportive.

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I Was Intimate With A Good Friend But Now She Isn’t Talking to Me! Why?

This is a question that many men and women have struggled with over the years. When you have a really great friendship there can be a fine line between romance and being a buddy with someone. All it takes is one evening of curiosity to alter 5 years of platonic boundaries.

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