Make Love not War! (Stop Fighting and be Thankful for the Gift of Life.)

Make Love not War!
Make Love not War!

This is not usually the topic I would write for my blog as I prefer it to be lighthearted and upbeat but some things just need to be addressed.

Much of the world today reacts to their neighbors actions. There is so much war due to the defensive reactions each Country or Nation plays. Rather than respecting each others cultures, it causes continual turmoil.  Some Countries or Religions are more demanding than others and expect to be adhered to on every level, while others are just trying to live in a peaceful and loving existence. Why is there so much destruction; emotionally and physically?  Why does it take a natural disaster to bring people together? We should be practicing this on a regular basis & learn how to love & respect each other unconditionally, not allowing a few power hungry leaders to corrupt our beautiful planet!

It is wonderful to see some people trying to change this “struggle for power” & that spiritually is playing a much larger role than ever before. “The Law of Attraction” is a regular practice for many people because they want to believe in themselves which in turn will keep them open & positive to believe in others as well. We can only hope this boomerang effect eventually helps our world to accept and love each other without all this fighting!

Behavior breeds behavior. 

Life is so much easier if you react to negativity with a positive opposition. It throws a curve ball that the other person isn’t expecting. It defuses the escalation of an angry reaction if handled properly. If you sound patronizing and dismissive, it will heighten their aggression even more. Be careful by being aware of your own body language and initial reaction in the beginning.

In everyday life and dealing with an angry customer or client in many job environments, most of us instantly get our backs up. It automatically brings a defensive response and makes people feel disrespected. Letting them have their say, is what most people really want. They need validity that their point is being heard. It doesn’t mean they are right but by reacting as negative as they are, just adds fuel to the fire.  Feeling their pain for a moment will alleviate further anger, and hearing them out is usually a calming behavior modifier which could lead to a compromised solution.

Everyone deals with something difficult in their lifetime & everyone has a story. We don’t know what that is & being compassionate for a few minutes can change them in ways we may not be aware of. One person can make a difference in another person’s life by one simple remark or compliment. Think back to a comment that has stayed with you since childhood, did it not touch your life for more than a brief moment?

Behavior patterns are quite interesting in all realms of life. A child emulates their parents or siblings. Spouses who have been married for a long time start to act and sound alike. Animals respond to negative & positive feedback whether it due to an affectionate tummy rub or a scolding. (Most people yawn when someone near them yawns & the same thing happens when someone smiles at them.) It is contagious or a mirrored behavior. This can be a negative or positive scenario depending on how each individual deals with it.

Behavior can also be used as a manipulative tool. If you know someone’s personality and what buttons to push for your benefit, you are “using” their behavioral actions. This is how con artists pounce on their prey, by reading their behavioral patterns. Cult leaders and Extremists have learned the way to manipulate people through behavioral brainwashing. Their followers look at it as mentoring which couldn’t be further from the truth. Being aware & working on your self esteem will keep you from being lured into these situations.

When entering into a stressful group situation (whether it is a family scenario, work or political related issue) there needs to be a leader who is calm and rational to bring the same behavior out of the other people in the room. But not all leaders are problem solvers and can be aggravators instead.  Think about a playground in your neighborhood or your childhood. The bully always has a group of disciples. They are too young to know the right way to use their own judgment. They want to be accepted no matter what, and are looking for direction in any form. These children lack self esteem and need love & guidance to remove them from future negativity. Thank goodness that so many people are now addressing bullying and it is becoming acknowledged worldwide with many celebrities & education establishments discussing the topic. Something is being done about it & people are caring more about each other.

There is always hope <3

Learning how to read people quickly will help you put in less time with negative friendships or relationships. You don’t have to subject yourself to it on a regular basis; just try not to react in the same negative matter when you are in their presence. Being around people who are always down about life can eventually take its toll on your friendship or relationship. By learning to read body language and behaviors, you will understand who the people in your life really are.

Try not to think or talk negative and believe your positive actions will help to rectify a situation. Use your skills to massage the best out of people. We ALL hunger for positive re-enforcement; and truly don’t want to be negative. If everyone of us makes an effort to bring kindness back into our world, maybe one day love will overshadow war and these controlling leaders in need of power will become obsolete. I know…wishful thinking… but I am always hopeful that we will finally understand how precious our time is here on earth. We need to stop wasting it with anger and resentment and care a little more about the generations to come. It’s not all about us!

One person can make a difference, why can’t it be you?

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