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Why Do So Many Relationships Change After 3-5 Years?

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Today on Dear Sybersue I discuss the topic: Why Do So Many Relationships Change After 3-5 Years?

This is such an important discussion that many couples need to hear because we all should be paying close attention to what is transpiring within our partnerships. The first few years are exciting as we are in the euphoric honeymoon stage where everything is pretty wonderful. We are very intimate with one another, and we prioritize our time together as a loving team.

Until we don’t…

It’s not always easy to keep a long-term love relationship alive without being very alert to the changes taking place

Our partnerships are always changing because our lives are constantly dealing with new challenges. It is how well we handle those curveballs as a couple that will help keep us connected for years to come.

Many people let other less important things come into play and give their energy to the wrong things. Taking our partner for granted is a big mistake in any relationship because we all want to feel loved and appreciated. Sometimes we just need a reminder and a little guidance to help us out of damaging patterns that keep us from making our partner happy and continuing to be our top priority.

Relationship nurturing and maintenance is crucial

You absolutely can keep your love strong with your partner, and it’s not as difficult as it is often made out to be. Of course, it takes a little work, but everything in life worth having needs to be nurtured and appreciated.

You may not even realize you are slowly taking your relationship for granted, and get too comfortable thinking they are here to stay with you no matter what! This is a huge mistake and a terrible place to put yourself because, like anything in life, it takes work and prioritized attention to maintain any partnership you choose to have in your life.

Don’t spend your days wishing things were different, make them different

It’s difficult to go through a committed relationship without having some unsettling moments with each other. It is always important to remember that you fell in love with them for a reason. Take some time to think about that before you react negatively. Love needs to be nurtured, so don’t let things fizzle out.

A partnership is a two-person job with both people doing their part. A few small loving gestures every day will keep the relationship respect intact. There is nothing to complain about if you are both always making an effort to show you care. The little things you do for each other are so important.

My husband and I have been married for over 10 years now. He makes me coffee and leaves me a note each day before work. I make him lunch every day and text him a good morning message. We have regular romantic date nights, without going into personal detail.😉 He spoils me with regular foot massages, and I show up as his hockey fan at every game he plays. I even keep him company by watching the 3-week Tour de France bike race on TV every year, and he helps me with my video lighting & editing.

“If something is bothering us, we sit down and share our feelings right away. We are far less than perfect, and we both had to go through a first marriage to get it right in our second marriage. We learned some very difficult lessons, but that also brought us closer together. Naturally, we argue and have disagreements just like any other couple, but we try not to hang on to those small blips in our partnership. We discuss them, apologize for our actions, and move forward. Compromise and communication are a huge part of maintaining a committed relationship.” 💕

Don’t be another statistic in the divorce arena, make the effort now in this partnership

The biggest problem in most breakups is that couples take each other for granted. Some people become lethargic and lazy when it comes to keeping things spicy, fun, and romantic. There is really no excuse for laziness, being complacent, and not keeping your partner as the main focus. There are so many relationship tools out there now to help you with this!

Make every effort to get it right the first time and save yourself a lot of heartache and unnecessary drama. We all have many choices today, and our options don’t have to include staying in a relationship with someone who just doesn’t really seem to care about us. I personally think that it is even more crucial today to be on top of respecting your partner and your relationship.

We all mess up once in a while in our partnerships, and it is important to take some ownership and be able to say we’re sorry. Hold on lovingly to each other and keep those fires burning. I promise you, that it is possible to maintain the spark between you both if you make each other a priority throughout your years together.

A little love communication goes a very long way.

*Please watch the video above to see how you can improve your relationship and keep things exciting between you both as a couple. You may also want to read the post below that I wrote on what I learned about marriage.

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