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Are You Constantly Texting Your Ex?

Keep busy, stay off their social media sites and put down your phone. The less energy you give to thinking about your Ex the faster you will be able to let go of the heartbreak you are feeling. Every hour that your mind is occupied with other things it will bring you closer to removing those pestering thoughts of your Ex-partner. In time you will begin to think about them less and less each day.

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Why Does He Read My Texts But Never Responds?

He reads the texts to let you know he has seen them but he doesn’t engage in a conversation with you. It sounds like he is keeping the door slightly open but his interest lies somewhere else. I am sorry if that sounds harsh but if there was a solid connection between the two of you, he would really look forward to chatting and getting to know you more.

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Always trust your gut when you're in a new relationship

dating and relationship phone etiquette (7 Phone Habits People Should try to Avoid!)

It takes two seconds to read a text and another second to respond. There is really no excuse that you can give for not replying. It is actually really rude ignoring someone who puts in the energy to contact you when you are dating them, and even worse when you are both in an established relationship!

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