5 Types of Serial Texters

In this week’s video upload, I discuss the topic: 5 Types of Serial Texters

Dating has changed a lot today and texting has become the norm in how men and women communicate. This can be a very frustrating way to converse with someone especially when you don’t know them well.

Words are often misconstrued and don’t make sense half the time. Don’t even get me started about spell check issues! 😉 Even my own husband has trouble conveying what he is saying in a text sometimes, and we KNOW each other!

Not everyone is great at expressing themselves through writing.

There is also a big problem with the ghost texter who just stops texting cold turkey and you are left trying to decipher WTH happened. Yes, this is a big thing in the dating world and is very hurtful with the growing insecurities that come from this blatant rejection.

Here are some rules that go with basic texting communication that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  1. Treat others how you would like to be treated! Seriously! Karma can be a bitch!
  2. Proofread your texts before you send them!
  3. Make sure the text is going to the person intended! Check the name at the top of the text!
  4. Don’t talk in emojis! Put some thought into what you are texting.
  5. Don’t argue in a text as it can come back to really bite you in the ass. Call them if you are fighting with them.
  6. Do not send dick pics or any nude photos! Think about where they could end up!
  7. Send a message with what you want to say in one text. Sending a few words and breaking it up into 5 different texts is aggravating to receive when you have a text alert on your phone. Ding – ding – ding – ding – ding! (Even on silence it still buzzes like crazy!)
  8. Be careful not to text someone frequently and then stop without an explanation. It’s always better to be honest and tell them why, than to leave them hanging and wondering what happened. Human decency goes a long way!

Now that we have covered the basic texting etiquette let’s move on to the topic of this week’s post:

5 Types of Serial Texters

#1 Texting Somewhen When You Are In a New Relationship

Text etiquette is very important when you are getting to know someone. You want to text just enough to keep them interested and also be clever in how you deliver your messages to them. Over-texting can be very annoying and also come across stalkerish!

Be real and don’t be cryptic with what you are saying. No one wants to play a guessing game and try to analyze what you are thinking.

Confidence is a huge turn on but cockiness isn’t. Playing hard to get and not texting them for days (or when they are waiting for a response,) is not very respectful and it will backfire on you.

If you like them, date them. A little text flirting is great but be careful with the sex talk too early. Be creative and fun so that they can’t wait to see you again. Plan more dates and less texting. Talk face to face to get to know each other.

#2 The Serial Texter That Never Goes Out On A date

OMG these texters are soooooooo annoying! Do not engage in repetitive texting and empty promises. Most of these people are catfishing and get a kick out of putting you on hold for months, never really having any intentions of asking you out!

Some of these serial texters go so far as to gain your trust so they can ask for money. I still can’t believe that people actually hand over cash to someone they have never met! Do not fall for these sob stories because they are actors and nothing else!

#3 The Long Distance Serial Texter

You are now dating someone long distance and you are relying on text messages throughout the week to keep you connected. This is a good thing to some degree but you need to be innovative with how you do this.

Don’t bombard them all day long with basic boring questions: “How are you?” “What’s new?” “How did you sleep?” This will eventually dim the excitement of them wanting to hear from you. You are also interrupting their time at work which could become a problem for them.

It is actually much better to facetime each other when you both have time during the day. It is much more appealing to have a visual and to hear their voice instead of reading a bunch of convoluted messages via text.

LDD is not easy but it can work well if you are both on the same romantic and communicative page. <3

#4 Drunk Serial Texting!

Who hasn’t been guilty of doing this at least once in their lives?? You wake up bolt upright with this nagging feeling that something happened last night but you’re not sure what. You eventually check your phone and see the last text you sent is open in your messages. Oh shit…

You sent it at 2 am and thought you were being as sexy as hell with your booty call suggestion, complete with photos! You immediately want to get up and projectile vomit all of the embarrassment out of your body. Even your text comes across slurred and inebriated!


This isn’t the first time this has happened and you are starting to get a reputation as a drunk stalker. Your confidence is a no-show when you are sober but comes to the party big time when you have liquid courage! This is such a turn off for anyone who you are pursuing in this manner and you need to be stopped.

There are Apps for this!

#5 Serial Text Stalking Your EX!

You got dumped and you are crushed! Your heart goes into overdrive and your intelligence and common sense goes right out the window.

How did this happen, they made a mistake! I will text them to remind them I am still here and will always love them. Maybe I didn’t tell them enough?”

If you don’t want your EX to text stalk you, it is important to be very clear and tell them why you broke up with them. Don’t assume they understand, tell them! You owe them that much.

If you don’t get proper closure from you EX you will be left wondering why they ended things with you! This can mess with even the sanest of minds! Love does funny things to our normal thinking and can turn even the classiest person into a bunny boiler.

Whether you are text stalking your Ex or your Ex is text stalking you, this has to be dealt with early. You may have to block their number and take them off of all your social media. The less you see what each other is up to, the less you will be thinking about them.

Be careful what you post online in the early stages of a breakup and allow your Ex time to grieve the loss of your partnership. You may be over it but be respectful of their feelings. The kinder you end things, the less crazy your Ex will act out.

So there you have it. The 5 types of serial texter to be aware of.

Some men and women just really don’t understand how serial texting can put a quick end to the excitement of a potential partnership. There is no mystery, it’s all laid out on the phone in repetitive texts that leave nothing to the imagination!

Why is there so much impatience to pester people with monotonous text messages when you barely know them? Stop!

Please watch the video to see what type of texting red flags you should avoid!

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