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dating and relationship phone etiquette (7 Phone Habits People Should try to Avoid!)

Dating and Relationship Phone Etiquette

Dating and Relationship Phone Etiquette (7 Phone Habits People Should Try to Avoid!)

Thank you for visiting Dear Sybersue! Today I discuss this controversial issue that has many people questioning their dating and relationship communication skills. Please watch the video above and read this post to see what you can do to step up your texting and phone etiquette!

Here are 7 Annoying Phone Habits People Should Try to Avoid:

1. Putting your phone face down

If you are worried about your date or your partner seeing what is lighting up your phone, then put it away. If you are in a committed relationship, nothing screams “secrets” as much as this action does.

If you think this is a polite way of giving them your full attention you are wrong. Making them feel important would mean not having your phone anywhere in the vicinity of your conversation. You should be able to put your phone away for an hour coffee date!

If you are expecting a really important call from work or a family member, tell them this right away when you first meet up with them. Then at least they know there is a valid reason as to why you may have to occasionally look at your phone.

2. Your partner is glued to their phone and never leaves it unattended

This is another big red flag that makes couples feel insecure in their partnership. “What are they hiding and what are they afraid that I may see?” Whenever they leave the room their phone is always with them and they are vague about who they are talking to or texting.

Put the shoe on the other foot. Wouldn’t you question this if your partner did this to you?

“At our home, my husband and I both have our phones face up and we do not take them with us whenever we leave the room. We also mute most of the app notifications so we don’t have to listen to pings and chimes all night! We also know each other’s passwords, much to some people’s disagreement I’m sure! We trust each other completely because of our openness and both of us wanting to have a reciprocated communication.”

Secretive behavior of any sort is not OK if you want a REAL relationship. You have the choice to remain single, rather than hurt someone who has committed their love to you.

Dear Sybersue <3
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3. Repetitive bathroom breaks when you are on a date

This one happens a lot, especially on a first date! They may just be checking in with a friend to give them a play by play on how the date is going, or it could be that they are texting other suitors.

It doesn’t really matter which one it is, it shows a lack of respect for the person who is sitting around waiting for their date to come back from the restroom each time.

“How can you possibly get to know someone when you consistently allow your attention to be distracted?”

Sit down, put your phone away and get to know your date. You set up the encounter for a reason, so don’t sabotage it by not giving them a chance to show you who they are!

4. Taking your phone into the bedroom

This is one scenario that should not be happening if you want to sustain a healthy and loving relationship. Nothing takes the romance away more than a vibrating phone! (Other vibrators are totally fine! 😉 ) Your partner wants to feel special and know that they have your undivided attention during those sensual moments!

It is not a good idea to take your phone to bed as a rule, even if it isn’t going to be an amorous scenario. IT NEVER WILL BE, if you keep up this habit!

The bedroom is for couple-time, not work-related issues, social media posts, or any other personal time-consuming messaging. There is a reason “pillow talk” is such a popular phrase; this is when a partnership should connect and have some sexy cuddle time.

Burying your nose in your phone every night rather than communicating with your partner, is a sure way to negatively alter the wonderful dynamics that brought you together in the first place.

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5. Texting long convoluted messages when you should be calling them on the phone

Some people think texting is the only form of communication and so they overshare conversations that really should be done in person or at the very least through a phone call.

Many texts can end up being very cryptic messages that only the sender really understands. They can often be misconstrued, which ends up causing big arguments!

Not everyone communicates very well through writing. Eye to eye contact tells a much better story and there is less “second-guessing” with what someone means. It is very annoying to have to try to decipher what someone is saying to you in a text!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

6. Over texting

You’re at work or out with a friend and your phone is lighting up like a pinball machine due to the numerous texts you are receiving throughout the day. Not only is this aggravating, but it is a big turn-off for many people. It can come across as being needy or insecure.

You want to have time to miss someone and look forward to seeing them again. If they are telling you every little thing that is going on during their day, it leaves nothing to talk about when you do get together in person!

Text them no more than once or twice per day and leave the big conversations for date nights. A little absence makes you both excited to see each other again. This also works for committed relationships as well. You will always have something to talk about together as a couple!

You don’t want to end up being those people sitting across from each other in a restaurant not talking to each other! Uggggg!

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7. Ignoring someone’s text or taking hours/days to reply

This is one of the biggest complaints I receive from my clients! It comes across that you really don’t care if you don’t reply within a reasonable time frame. This is very confusing and hurtful to the person waiting for an answer or even just an emoji acknowledgment showing that you read it.

It takes two seconds to read a text and another second to respond. There is really no excuse that you can give for not replying. It is actually really rude ignoring someone who puts in the energy to contact you when you are dating them, and even worse when you are both in an established relationship!

There are too many questions when someone does this and it ends up coming across like you are playing a push and pull game with them or you’re just way too busy to make them a priority! Neither situation is good or acceptable.

Treat someone how you want to be treated.

It is really that simple.

Sybersue xo <3

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  1. Nice post. I also agree with you on the last point a lot. People find it easy to just ignore someone’s text while we wait for the slightest hint of reply and that hurts because it goes to show that you are not as important as you thought you were especially in cases when it goes on for days.

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