Are You Dating the Wrong Person Because You Don’t Want to be Alone?

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Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today’s discussion is titled: Are You Dating the Wrong Person Because You Don’t Want to be Alone?

You know in your heart if you are with the right person because things flow naturally, and it is not a forced scenario. Fulfilling a temporary void and settling with someone you’re not really interested in can be very hurtful for the person you are dating. They think you are truly invested in them and that there is a good possibility that you are there for the long haul in this partnership.

It’s up to both people in a relationship to pay attention to how things are progressing in the early stages of dating someone new. Don’t be blindsided by a breakup later on because you were letting things slide and allowing yourself not to be a big priority. You are not in someone’s life just to be their plus one or to keep them company on a lonely day. Always pay close attention to how you are being treated right from the start.

When you’re not comfortable being alone, it is usually fear-based.

When something is missing in your life, you don’t feel whole. This can make you feel unbalanced, lonely, and reliant on others to help you feel more connected with yourself. This can also become a pattern that is hard to remove from your relationships because you are afraid of being alone. You should be strong by yourself first, and this can only happen when you do the work to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Your partner should be an extension of who you already are, and there should be no dependency on either side.

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Once you understand that you are OK being alone is the time when you will clearly see that you are worthy of having a healthy and reciprocated love relationship. Most people feel disconnected at certain times in their lives. This is totally normal and can actually be a motivating factor in improving your life when you are faced with a little hardship.

You have the choice to stay in the unsettling mode in front of you or find ways to jump over the hurdles thrown in your path. Settling for anything in your life will always leave you feeling like something is missing. Go for the gold and believe you are worth getting the love you desire.

When you end up settling in a relationship with the wrong person, you will never be completely happy because you will always be looking for more from them.

It is not easy to find a partner that you fit with unconditionally, but it is much harder to meet your true love if you continue to spend time with the wrong people. Relying on someone else to feel good about yourself does not help you grow and just keeps you stuck.

There is something missing in your own life that needs to be nurtured, and you can’t expect someone to do that for you. Not only is your partner missing out on being truly loved in a relationship, but you are also missing out as well.

Be true to yourself and learn how to be the best version of who you are meant to be. It’s OK to be single for a while until you figure that out. It’s not all about how many people you can date in your lifetime, it is about meeting that one special person that you can share yourself with, in a committed partnership.

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  1. “Be true to yourself and learn how to be the best version of who you are meant to be. It’s OK to be single for a while until you figure that out.” — Great advice.

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