Love Really Can Be Blind Sometimes!

Love Really Can Be Blind Sometimes!

Thanks for visiting me here at Dear Sybersue! Today’s topic is for both sexes; Love Really Can be Blind Sometimes!

So many men and women jump into relationships way too fast today ignoring the red flags waving away at them early on. We let the first euphoric month lead us into thinking everything is great because we are so happy to have met someone we are attracted to.

Men have dating problems too!

It’s not easy to date in the millennium which is why people are so excited when they meet someone whom they finally connect with! This is a problem because the heart then becomes vulnerable and overly eager to pursue this new romance!

It is easy to be well behaved for a short time especially if you’re not seeing each other every day. With movies like Dirty John and Ted Bundy recently out on Netflix, this is a big reminder to be alert and listen to your gut “spidey senses!”

They don’t lie!

In my own past, I have learned some hard lessons by not listening to my instincts! I am asking you as someone who has been there done that, not to ignore those whispers from the Universe!

Those nagging voices are there for you to hear and pay attention to.

Here are 10 signs (red flags) that you should not ignore in the early stages of a relationship:

  1. Have you seen where they live and met their family and friends? Or is a good part of their daily existence still a bit of a mystery?
  2. How do they speak to you? Is it different when you are alone with them than when you are around other people? How do they introduce you?
  3. Do they talk down to you and use derogatory words or sarcasm?
  4. Do they squash your accomplishments and try to control how you live your life?
  5. Have they told you they love you on the first few dates? Do they talk about having a future right away?
  6. Have you caught them lying to you? If they are lying at the beginning of a new relationship it is a good indication of who their character is. This is not acceptable and is a big warning sign.
  7. What do they do for work and is it legit? or secretive? Have you met their colleagues? Do you pay for most things?
  8. Do they always have their phone with them, even in the bathroom? Do they have two phones?
  9. Have you had a few arguments and not spoken to them for a while but then they come back a week or so later as if nothing happened?
  10. Listen to what your loved ones say about your relationship. If more than 2 people have the same concerns, listen! They are not telling you things to hurt you, they care about you.

Be smart and take your time when meeting someone new! There is no rush to jump into anything right away. It is important to have your own personal boundaries and get to know them slowly by setting a healthy pace.

I know it can be very difficult but don’t get caught up in those lustful pheromones by sleeping with them too soon. Sex can bring unbalanced emotions into play, especially for the ladies.

Always be safe out there and use caution. Read between their profile lines if you are dating online. Be careful how much personal information you share on social media as well. Really listen to what they say and don’t buy into everything as the gospel truth. You are allowed to have questions but pay close attention to their answers!

A love relationship is a wonderful thing but always use your intellect to choose the right partner. Please watch my video at the top of this post and leave your comments below.

Did you have a situation that ended up being a big nightmare because you pushed those red flags away in the beginning? What would you advise to help others who may be in an unhealthy situation?

Sybersue xo

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