Are You on the Same Intimate Page in Your Relationship?

Today I go on a bit of a rant discussing the topic: Are you on the same intimate page in your relationship?

Do you and your partner have the same libido and do you both put effort into maintaining the intimate side of your relationship? If you don’t want to become another number in the divorce statistics, it’s time to prioritize the love and romance with your significant other!

It’s so important to keep the fire lite at home! Do not ignore this because you’re too busy! You don’t want to be the last person to know that your relationship is in trouble.

Always make time to nurture the romance between you as a couple. Never forget the special intimacy you shared when you first met. It doesn’t have to fizzle out if you pay close attention and do not take your partner for granted!

Be playful and creative to keep them coming back for more of you! Show your sexy side and surprise your partner with some romantic adventures or lustful encounters! Mark it on the calendar and tell them to keep the day open but stay secretive about your plans.

Boredom is the first thing that happens to couples because they forget how to flirt and have fun with each other after a few years. This is why date nights are becoming popular in long term partnerships. People are now starting to understand how important sexual interaction is, to keep things happy at home.

If you are ignoring your partner on an intimate level it is not good! Stop making excuses as to why romance isn’t happening. If you’re not communicating in the bedroom you will eventually stop communicating outside of it as well.

Is that what you really want????

It takes two people to tango, two people to make love and two people to maintain a partnership! It only takes one person to decide the relationship is over.

Don’t forget how to love your partner. <3

Are you in a happy long term relationship? What works for you and your partner? Please watch the video above share your thoughts below in the comment section. <3

Sybersue xo

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