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Why Do Some People Say I love You So Fast?

There is a healthy excitement in a new partnership when you minimize your early expectations and have time to miss each other. Be communicative but also give things time to blossom at a natural pace. It’s definitely worth getting to know someone the old fashioned way.

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Dating Lessons Can Be a Good Thing!

Dating should be fun and adventurous. You always have the option to walk away when you don’t feel a connection. It shouldn’t feel uncomfortably forced or one-sided and you should have a good idea if there is a connection within the first date. If you don’t feel anything or you don’t have much in common with them, move on. Be true to your self and always have respectful boundaries.

Love Really Can Be Blind Sometimes!

Always be safe out there and use caution. Read between their profile lines if you are dating online. Be careful how much personal information you share on social media as well. Really listen to what they say and don’t buy into everything as the gospel truth. You are allowed to have questions but pay close attention to their answers!