I Married a Mountain Man but I'm a City Girl!

I Married a Mountain Man but I’m a City Girl!

Dear Sybersue does something a little out of the box today and talks about her own relationship.

How do you make a partnership work when you both enjoy different activities? What happens when one of you is more extroverted than the other?

Opposites attract but seldom stay together; so can you compromise as a couple when you are a little different?

To maintain happiness in any relationship both people in the partnership need to make a continual effort and make each other a priority. That doesn’t mean you are together 24/7 or that you put your own passions on the back burner; it means that your communication and time with them is reciprocated and respected.

You find a healthy way to be there for each other & make time for your own needs as well.

When we give up too much of ourselves while in a committed relationship that is the beginning of a downward spiral for many couples.

Resentment then starts to play a big part in your every day existence. This is one of the main reasons some people are opposed to being in a long term commitment! They feel trapped and can’t be themselves; but it doesn’t have to be that way!

You won’t become another breakup statistic if you are paying attention & listening to your partner.

Do you really want to live with someone exactly like you??? Wouldn’t that be dull and repetitive?

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You obviously don’t want to be at complete opposite ends of the spectrum but having a few interests that differ from your partner is a good thing. It’s healthy and gives you a freedom that many people lose when they become a couple.

As shown in the photo, my husband is an avid cyclist which I don’t even try to compete with!  He rides at least 4 days per week for a 2-4 hours.

I am a pretty independent woman and have no problem filling my time when he is out riding with his buddies or by himself. He comes back in a great mood and his muscular thighs/ butt continue to keep my lustful attention!  😉

I maintain a healthy yoga schedule 3 days per week which keeps me limber and flexible as the years go by. We are both not only staying in shape with our separate activities but we are doing what we love to do as well.

We also do many things together such as hiking, golf, long walks and weight training at our local gym. I have my meetup group evenings while he takes guitar lessons.

When you grow together & keep trying new things, the diversity will be the key to a long & happy union. Embrace the differences that you both bring to the relationship!

Who knows, you may try something new for your partner that you never thought of doing and actually enjoy it! There is always something to talk about and it’s never boring when you are spending time together.

Its a win/win all around! <3

Sybersue xo

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