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How Do I Know if the Girl I am Dating Has Put Me in the Friendzone?

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How Do I Know if the Girl I am Dating Has Put Me in the Friendzone?

Today’s question is a popular one because quite often in the early stages of meeting someone new we don’t want to be too assertive talking about relationship commitment. We also don’t want to appear too needy or too pushy which could scare them off.

This can make it really difficult to know where you stand with someone and leaves you questioning whether they are interested in having a romantic connection or they are just into being your friend. There could be a great connection starting to happen between the two of you but not necessarily in the way that you want it to be.

If the girl you are dating is flirty one day and then less playful the next time you see her, it sends out mixed signals and confusion as to what message she is relaying to you. This is the time to have a chat with her about her expectations and to see if you are both on the same page with what you want going forward.

Really listen to what she tells you early on!

It is perfectly acceptable to ask her what her relationship goals are. If you are using dating apps or online websites I always suggest that you post your own personal goals in your profile description. That way there aren’t any questions and that anyone reading it knows you are looking for a life partner.

If she says she’s not ready for a commitment believe her. Don’t spend months trying to change her mind. Chasing someone may be exciting for a while but it gets old pretty quick when you are the only one doing all the work. The communication effort should be reciprocated for a relationship to blossom. There shouldn’t be a lot of unanswered questions if you openly share things together as a couple.

There are usually some pretty big signs when she is playing games or friendzoning you. When most women are romantically connected with you, they have a hard time hiding their feelings.

What are 10 signs that she may be friendzoning you.
  1. She tells you how busy she is and is not making you a priority.
  2. She is flirty with other guys or talks openly about men she is attracted to.
  3. Her texts are sporadic and surface level.
  4. She’s not overly affectionate or very sexual with you. *If she is sleeping with you she will often be more interested in the happy ending than the romance and intimacy.
  5. She is more comfortable in a group setting than spending time one on one with you.
  6. You have become a sounding board for her problems.
  7. She is not comfortable with any PDA.
  8. There is very little effort made with her appearance.
  9. She cancels plans with you last minute without a good excuse.
  10. She introduces you as her “friend” to the people in her life.

If you have to ask the friendzone question then she is doing something that is throwing out some “red flag” warnings. You are smart to pay attention to this but don’t be afraid to approach the subject.

You are investing time and energy with this woman so you have the right to ask her for an honest answer. So many people let things go on for so long and then end up broken-hearted a few years later. Communication is everything!

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