Dealing With Rejection in Dating and Relationships!

I really want you to hear what I am saying in this video; Dealing With Rejection in Dating and Relationships. Rejection can be a very painful ordeal but there is always something to gain out of past scenarios.

Sometimes it feels that the world is out to get you and it saddens your heart when things keep going astray in your life. “What am I doing wrong?” 

If everything you wanted landed in your lap, without any learned experiences to go along with it, do you think you would always really appreciate it? Our accomplishments are character building and give us a life purpose! Each step you take up the ladder is exhilarating because you are proud of what you did to get there!

We are on this earth to learn and give back as much as we can during our short time here.  <3

This post isn’t meant to be a lecture but more of a reminder to be grateful for some of the hard knocks we ALL have to endure. Believe me when I say I need to be reminded on a daily basis myself!

Being in this competitive business at an older age has very difficult challenges and does not come without a lot of rejection as well! I literally could wallpaper my home with email rejections and the obstacles that I have had to deal with.

Some days I want to give up and throw in the towel and other days I get this powerful adrenaline that pushes me through to reach these crazy achievements!  Previous rejections were the reason for that!

I didn’t plan on writing a book but some of the difficult things that I had to deal with over the years, pulled me in that direction.

The same thing happened in my relationships. Part of the reason I have my dating/relationship show and advice column is due to the adversity I had in my youth and my 20’s. Would I be here without all that?

Probably not!

I got through those really hard times during my divorce, my single mom years, business rejections, career changes with a never ending strength that seem to come out of nowhere when I needed it most.

I am happy most days now.  I am blessed to have an amazing husband, ( I re-married at 50!) a fantastic son and I absolutely love what I do in my business!  I wouldn’t have any of that if I hadn’t gone through those tough things in my past to get where I am now!

Whenever you are hurting from the rejection of a love gone wrong, I want you to take a look back and see how far you have come.

Would you still want to be with that person who broke your heart in high school? Do you understand now why you weren’t given that second date?

Meeting the love of your life definitely isn’t an easy path and comes with many life lessons along the way. Think about how things may have worked out if you didn’t have those lessons! Would you be truly happy in any of those relationships now?

Isn’t it worth the wait to be with the person you are supposed to be with?

Try not to look back on those rejections with regret. Focus on what’s going to come that is so much better for you!

Take some time to grieve a relationship loss and then pick yourself up, drop the ego part of the equation, own your part in it and thank the Universe for sending you forth in a much better direction of where you are meant to be.

Please watch the video above to learn more about how to move on faster from rejection and improve the status of your happiness. I LOVE to hear from both men and women & will always take time to answer you back.

Please leave your comments below! What have you learned from dealing with rejection in your life?

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