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Relationships: What Do You Say About Your Partner When They’re Not Around?

After talking about relationships with a group of women the other night I decided to discuss this particular subject in my weekly blog post today. “What Do You Say About Your Partner When They’re Not Around?”

It is interesting how many men and women are willing to share problematic things about their partner with others, but can’t seem to communicate the issues to their partner in their relationships.

What does that say about them? How will this help them stay close as a couple?

While it is always a good idea to vent rather than to be emotionally shut off from things that are bothering you, it is also very important not to shut out your partner with how you are feeling.

Is it fair to bottle up every emotion you are dealing with that pertains to them? How will that work long-term in your relationship?

Love definitely has its ups and downs but you need to nurture your partnership to keep it balanced and healthy. If you have become fearful to talk about things that are worrying you within your relationship, you need to address the reason why you feel this way.

What has changed between you both?

No one wants to hear negative comments from their partner, but the longer you leave something left unsaid it can cause even more damage when it is finally blurted out in frustration or anger.

The things that aren’t said in a relationship can be a much bigger problem than if you communicate with each other before things escalate.

Don’t ignore situations that are aggravating you, as your partner may not even be aware that there is an issue and vice versa. Be gentle but honest with what is going on.

Always share things with your partner before you share them with others. Talking behind their back only leads to judgment from your friends and family which can cause havoc down the road.

This, of course, does not pertain to any abusive situations what so ever; seek help immediately! You should never feel unsafe in any relationship!

Respecting your partner should always be the first priority and you owe it to them to be open and loyal with your feelings. Regardless of whether your love for them has changed over the years, they shouldn’t be the last to know.

When you repetitively start talking negatively to others about your partner, something has dramatically changed within the dynamics of your relationship. It’s either time to fix what isn’t working or come to terms with the fact that it might be time to move on.

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