Do You Trust Your Partner Enough to be Emotionally Open and Vulnerable?

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Today, on Dear Sybersue, I discuss: Do You Trust Your Partner Enough to be Emotionally Open and Vulnerable?

Some relationships are more communicative and open than others, and this is important to understand if you do fall into the non-communicative category. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts or feelings with your partner, you could be emotionally unavailable due to some childhood issues, low self-esteem, or a past relationship breakup.

If you are having trouble expressing yourself on an emotional level and feel very guarded discussing your feelings, it is never too late to seek some professional counseling to help you comprehend what may be stuck or becoming a self-sabotage pattern. Not only will it make your life more fulfilling in general, but it will also pull down those walls that have interfered in your relationships for a long time.

Trusting each other is the foundation of maintaining a great relationship

Reciprocated trust in a partnership is imperative because it means you are both on the same page when it comes to sharing the deepest part of yourselves and allowing yourselves to be vulnerable. Being able to discuss your fears, dreams, and aspirations with your partner will always keep you close and connected. The reason it is called a partnership is that you are equally there for one another through the trials and tribulations of life.

Some couples shut down over time, which is a big problem to overcome. This can bring out insecurities and jealousy that can eventually destroy the partnership. If you stop nurturing the love in your relationship, the foundation starts falling apart because you have stopped giving energy to the well-being of who you are as a couple.

We all go through sh*t in our lives, and we don’t always feel our best. Sometimes we even lose our confidence and our self-esteem takes a nosedive that can be very difficult to come back from. If you are always honest and transparent with your partner about what is transpiring in your day-to-day existence, then you will always feel safe to share everything with them. If you pull back and shut them out, it leaves your partner feeling helpless and questioning the trust between you both.

Pay close attention when you are first dating someone new and make sure that you are both emotionally available and ready for a committed relationship.

It’s not your job to fix someone. It is our individual responsibility to be the best version of ourselves and to do the work to be a great partner as well. We date each other to see if there is a strong connection and a good fit as a potential couple.

If you have to constantly probe someone to open up and show you who they are, this will eventually become very tedious and extremely frustrating. Think about it, if you are both very closed off in a partnership, how could it possibly work? So it really isn’t fair to go into a situation if you are shut down emotionally and expect them to understand why you are doing this.

The reason some people are emotionally cheating on their partners is that they lack the bond that a couple shares on a deeper level. It isn’t always just about sex, like so many people think it is. (Although saying that, enjoying a healthy sex life is another important element of maintaining a strong partnership for many years to come.)

In conclusion

If you are serious about being in a long-term committed relationship, then you have to be open and available to give yourself unconditionally to the person you are with. Everything in life worth having takes some work and a little compromise to achieve the outcome of what it is that you desire.

If you don’t feel safe sharing yourself with someone, then it isn’t the right place for you to be.

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Listen to those initial instincts when you are in the early stages of dating someone new. It may not be you that is closed off and untrusting. It may be that you are picking up on something that is unhealthy for you to venture into. Your spidey senses are a powerful tool for you to use and to pay close attention to. Don’t ignore those feelings.

When you are in the right partnership, things usually flow pretty nicely and the feelings are mutual. There is no second-guessing because your communication is open, and you respect each other in every way.

If you do have some leftover cobwebs from your past that are holding you back from accepting love in your life, it is time to figure that out and do the work to eliminate them. We all deserve to have a loving partnership, and we all have a little self-doubt to contend with once in a while. The goal is to find your way back as quickly as possible, learn from the lesson, and move on to a higher place where you deserve to be.

Sybersue xo <3

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