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A Big Reason Why Many Relationships DO Work Out

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Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today I discuss A Big Reason Why Many Relationships DO Work Out.

We often hear how many relationships break up and how difficult it is to have a long-term, committed connection with someone, but we don’t always hear the positive take on when things do have a happy ending.

There are many relationships that do flourish and stand the test of time.

One of the biggest reasons many committed relationships DO work out is that couples realize the importance of being best friends with each other. “Couples who play together, stay together” which also keeps you in a healthy reciprocated state of mind. The reason for this is that you enjoy each other and continue to grow together as the years progress when you have fun together.

Being playful and adventurous with one another keeps a couple very close and lessens the daily stress we all feel in our lives. You grow together and not apart because you are consistently sharing wonderful experiences and moments that keep your relationship fresh and alive! You don’t have time to get bored, and you look forward to coming home to one another because you are happy in each other’s company!

Furthermore, you enjoy your partnership because you both put equal energy into being a partner! Many people forget that they are a team and that it takes two people to keep a relationship going. When you prioritize time with each other, it makes you both feel appreciated. There is less time to sweat the small stuff because you’re too busy having a great time together.

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Staying connected in your relationship doesn’t have to be big, adventurous outings that wreak havoc on your budget.

You can plan something as simple as a date night once a week, enjoy a staycation or play tourist in your own city on a weekend. You could take turns planning a romantic theme night dinner at home or take a cooking class together. Not only that, but you could go to a weekly trivia night at your local pub or have friends in for a game night. The planning doesn’t have to be expensive to keep things happy between you as a couple. It’s really just a matter of having something to look forward to that you both really enjoy.

You could also make a yearly goal that requires a little more planning, but it is something on the calendar that you can be excited about. This could be a bigger activity or a vacation that is on your bucket list. This will always keep a couple from becoming bored or feeling that they are becoming too routine in their relationship.

Staying Intimate is another important reason that many relationships work as well.

It’s really beautiful when a couple understands that staying connected on an intimate level is crucial to a relationship. It’s so easy to give love to someone who is also giving love back to you on a daily basis. When you have fun together, it acts as an aphrodisiac, that naturally keeps sensual chemistry between you both. Daily affection also maintains a healthy bond in your partnership and really keeps the communication lines open as well.

It is so important to stay focused and conscious of what is or isn’t working between you in your relationship. There is no room for complacency or laziness if you want to sustain longevity and love with your partner. It’s actually fun keeping things interesting and puts a spring in your step when you are content with each other.

It’s really worth the time and effort when you reap the rewards that a successful union brings into your life.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and I always advise watering the lawn at your own home first before you decide it’s not a good fit anymore. It takes two people to make or break a relationship, so always do your part to stay invested when it comes to nurturing the love between you both. It’s really worth it, I can promise you that.

When you play together as a couple, it offers so much excitement to your everyday life and allows you to try things you may not have even thought about doing. It really keeps you evolving as a person, as well as a couple, within your partnership. It not only makes you feel young at heart, it also allows your love to grow continuously.

Things don’t become stagnant because you are not allowing them to. You understand that anything in life worth having needs to be nurtured. That is the key to happiness and longevity in any committed relationship.

*Please watch the video above to see how you can improve and maintain things for many years as a happy couple.

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