Why I Admire Spirit Junkie Gabby Bernstein

Today in my weekly video upload I give a shout out to an amazing woman! Spirit Junkie Gabby Bernstein.

I recently attended Gabby’s book launch in Los Angeles and wanted to take a moment here to talk about how inspirational she is to myself and so many other people!

Gabby helps you to connect with yourself on a much deeper spiritual level. She has overcome addictions, depression and many other life scenarios. Many people can relate to her because she really understands how difficult life can be because she’s been there!

I have been on my own spiritual path trying to change up some of the old recordings that still play out in my head from my past. I know I have some blocks that are keeping me from achieving my highest good, but I can feel them slowly melting away as I continue to evolve on this journey.

The first step is to believe there is an energy source bigger than yourself who is always there by your side. The second thing is to believe you deserve great things in your life.

To quote Gabby: “The Universe Has Your Back!”

Your thoughts are attracting things towards you so you really need to practice positive thinking on a regular basis. Haven’t you noticed that when you are in a negative mindset that negative things keep happening to you?

This is the one thing I regularly help my clients with; learning how to erase those sabotaging thoughts out of their heads. If you don’t believe you are worthy of love and having a relationship, you will continue to push it away from coming towards you.

You will continue to repeat dating and relationship drama when you don’t change up damaging patterns!

Dear Sybersue

Gabby teaches you how to shift your thoughts so that you can manifest your dreams. She teaches you to relax and trust that what you desire is on the way and that you don’t have to work so hard to attract what you want.

Being grateful for the things you do have in your life is always a good practice and taking time to have fun will keep you from having pessimistic thoughts. You’re too busy laughing and playing with the “here and now” rather than freaking out over what hasn’t happened yet. This puts you into a higher vibration which continues to aid in attracting better things toward you.

Have you noticed that when you smile at someone, they usually smile back at you? Happiness is contagious when you accept it into your daily life.The more open and playful you are on a regular basis, the more like-minded people you will meet. YOu are attracting them toward you withyour positive energy.

Gabby really makes you think and has made a big difference in my world from the first day I watched one of her videos! Her latest book Super Attractor is always by my bedside table. I read a little bit each day to keep myself focused on being the best I can be.

Regardless of whether you believe in spiritual enlightenment I highly recommend you open your heart to at least reading this book. I am pretty sure even the biggest skeptics out there will walk away with some great insight and will start to implement this positive way of thinking.

Thank you, Gabby for all that you do! ❤ Check out Gabby’s Website

Gabrielle Bernstein Book Launch Los Angeles

Sybersue xo

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