How Do I Know If He Really Likes Me?

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Today I answer a very common question that many women continue to want to know! How Do I Know If He Really Likes Me?

I still find it baffling when women want an answer to this. Shouldn’t it be obvious when a guy is interested in you? If you have to ask the question, isn’t that your answer?

There are so many red flags that you need to pay attention to when you are first dating someone. When something is on the right path, there aren’t a lot of questions!

There isn’t ANY BS game playing or negative actions.

Ladies, when you really like someone do you think that you should hide your feelings? Is this because you not getting a reciprocated feeling or response back from them?

You want to be able to show your man that you are attracted to him without coming across as needy or clingy. If your new relationship is on the right path then you should feel confident in being able to share your feelings with him as he would also be able to do so with you.

Letting him know you are enjoying his company is a good thing. No one wants to be in a guessing game scenario. If he is playing it way too cool, ask yourself why you want to be with him.

Be very careful how much information you volunteer too quickly because this can be a turn-off and come across as desperate. You always want to leave a little mystery in the air so that you have things to learn about each other and to keep you excited about seeing one another again.

Trying to make someone “like you” is never a good thing. Be authentic to who you are and if they don’t gravitate towards you early on, then you need to move on!

Why do we always want to complicate a simple situation? You either really like each other or you don’t have the right chemistry to continue on as a couple. It’s really that simple!

Please watch the video above to find out how you will know whether he is really into you or not!

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  1. I’m 21 years old who is dating a 24 yes old guy..we used to talk everyday and all of a sudden he said he is giving me space to the extend of blocking me on WhatsApp and has stop calling me as well.. I don’t know what to do now

    1. He said he is giving YOU space? He is not being very straightforward with you. I am so sorry to have to say this but he is moving on from your relationship. You don’t block someone if you are interested in maintaining a partnership with them. He should have been honest with how he was feeling rather than just stop the connection so abruptly. Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything you can do except look back and see if there were any red flags that you maybe you didn’t see clearly at the time. Maybe you weren’t on the same page romantically as you thought you were. This could help you in choosing a great partner in the future.

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