5 Things I Would Tell My 19 Year Old Self Today About Dating and Relationships

Today’s Topic: 5 Things I would Tell My 19 Year Old Self Today About Dating and Relationships!

Hindsight is 20/20 but what if you could prevent making some mistakes early on in your life? Wouldn’t that be amazing?? How much anxiety and heartache would be saved from entering your life?

If we all listened to our gut instincts on a daily basis things would flow so much easier in our lives, but we often push those thoughts away instead of choosing the path of least resistance.

Why do we do that? Do we believe that things have to be difficult rather than be easy in our day to day existence? Do we ultimately feel that we don’t deserve to be really happy?

How do we change this up to allow more happiness in?

It’s not always easy to do things alone and sometimes we need another mindset to come in to offer us some wisdom and to help us see the light, so to speak. It’s kind of like having your own personal fairy godmother!

I would suggest that you find a mature mentor whom you can trust. Be “really open” to listening to their ideas and what they have learned along their own life journey. It will save you so much drama with having to deal with painful or toxic scenarios.

I sure wish that I had some guidance as a young woman and didn’t have to learn the hard lessons of walking down that long stressful winding road alone. We think we have our big girl/boy pants on, but sometimes we just aren’t paying attention to what isn’t working for us.

Let’s go back on the repetitive merry-go-round until we really feel like vomiting from the same bullshit day in and day out!!

How many times have you given bad relationships the benefit of the doubt even though they are obviously harmful to your well being? You’re always asking yourself; “Why can’t I let go and understand my self-worth is being tarnished once again? Why do I keep allowing it?”

Priorities need to be altered to where your career and business passions are at the forefront over anything else. There is more to life than dating or being in a partnership in those younger years. Your foundation needs to be built first so there is a strong base to keep you evolving to your higher self.

It is so important to build up your confidence levels with who you are when you stand alone. A relationship does not define you, being comfortable in your own skin does.

This will save you years of heartache and keep you focused on being in healthy relationships. Listen to someone who has walked the walk already! Change up bad dating patterns now!

Please watch the video above to see the 5 things I would tell my 19-year-old self today and let me know what you think. I will always take the time to answer you back.

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  1. Excellent advice! It’s important to live alone in order to learn about ourselves. Unfortunately, I didn’t always listen to my gut. But now, if it feels wrong, run to the hills! Thank you for this post!

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