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Why Does My Girlfriend Leave Flirty Comments on Other Guys IG Photos?

Why Does My Girlfriend Leave Flirty Comments on Other Guys IG Photos?

Dear Sybersue,

I am so frustrated with my girlfriend and all her flirty comments under other guy’s “hot” Instagram photos. I haven’t told her how I feel about this yet but it’s so annoying to see her continue to do this. I don’t flirt with other women so why does she think it is OK?

I don’t want to be that possessive guy but is this accepted as normal behavior these days on social media?

I’m not really sure how to handle this? Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you!


Dear Adam,

You call her your girlfriend so my first two questions to you would be;

  1. Are you in a new relationship with her?
  2. Are you in an exclusive partnership with each other, or has that yet to be discussed?

We are often on different pages in a relationship without realizing it. This is why it is so important in the early stages to be a great communicator and also have healthy boundaries. She may view your partnership as more of a casual situation than how you are perceiving things.

Don’t be afraid to ask the right questions so you know where you stand.

Sitting back and not saying anything isn’t showing her how much this is hurting you. You need to get the conversation going! If she is not in the same place as you are in the relationship then she should express this to you. If she is invested in you then she should only be flirting with you. Ask her if she would be OK with you leaving comments on other women’s photos.

Could it possibly be that she is not sure how you really feel about her and is trying to make you a little jealous to get some kind of a reaction from you??

If you have been in a long relationship with her and she is just now starting to interact with other men on social media, it is a red flag that she is pulling away from you. She may feel a disconnection within your partnership and is starting to check out.

Whatever she is feeling it is important that you are not the last to know what that is. You are in a relationship with her which means both of you should be sharing your thoughts and emotions, not burying them.

Unfortunately, this type of scenario has become a popular topic but it shouldn’t be if you are in an honorable partnership. If you do not set the right boundaries early on, some people may take advantage of this and leave you questioning where you stand with them.

In any relationship you enter into, if you want to be respected show them how to treat you.

Wishing you love and happiness Adam. Please watch the video above for a little more info to your question today and let me know how things turn out.

Thank you!

Sybersue xo <3

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