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It’s Time to Stop Ghosting Each Other

Forgive me as I go on a bit of a rant today about this topic. It’s Time to Stop Ghosting Each Other!

What is going on with men and women ghosting each other all the time? Things seem to be going really well with someone and then all of a sudden the communication just ends. Why are people just walking away without any explanation?

Isn’t there a respect etiquette that should be adhered to with anyone we are conversing with? Isn’t that just human decency?

Guess not!

It is one thing to be ghosted when texting someone or when you have a first date, but it’s even more hurtful when it happens in an established relationship.

This is causing so much anxiety and self-esteem issues for many men and women who are not understanding why someone cowardly left a partnership without so much as one word saying why they did!

Please don’t leave someone hanging, be honest if you are moving on from them. Be gentle in how you deliver the message but give them some closure at least. You had a connection with them and they deserve to know what changed between you both.

What to be aware of when meeting a potential ghoster

  • Be mindful of someone jumping in too fast to be with you! When someone comes in fast they usually go out just as fast!
  • Don’t fall into the trap of the charming or flirtatious continual texter. If they are really interested they will make a date way before 2 weeks goes by. If you haven’t met them during that time, move on. They are probably texting more than just you.
  • Pay close attention to having a long-distance relationship where you never actually meet! These players keep you hanging with just enough sweet conversation and then vanish when they meet someone else who gets their attention!
  • Stay away from “the on and off” communicater. They will only contact you when it suits them and it is always on their time frame. They may not text you back for hours/days and then all of a sudden one day they just disappear without a trace.
  • No one is that busy not to answer you back! This is a huge red flag that warns you to end things with them. They are not serious about having a solid relationship with you. You need to have boundaries with any new person you are getting to know.

Be respectful to others, especially when all we have is our phones and a few social media tools to stay connected during the social-distancing we are all presently facing. Think about how you like to be treated and act accordingly.

This is a very tough time for everyone right now and maybe for a long time to come. Always be kind.

Sybersue xo <3

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  1. It truly is such a cowardly act not to ghost someone. How little do you think of them not to give them that closure 😡 A simple conversation could save the emotional torture of, “what did I do wrong”, constantly occupying your mine. I used getting ghosted as my inspiration to start my blog. I share ghosting stories for people anonymously. I hope you will have a read and tell me if you enjoy it ❤️

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