Dating Lessons Can Be a Good Thing!

Today I discuss: Dating Lessons Can Be a Good Thing!

Dating today can be very difficult but there are lessons to be learned with every personal encounter that we allow in our lives. Life is a stepping stone of sorts and we continue to grow and learn about ourselves every day that we are here on our path. That’s a good thing!

Understanding why you make certain relationship choices will help with “shortening the learning curve” to bring a reciprocated love into your life.

It is very important to pay attention to whom you are attracting towards you. Is there a pattern that isn’t working? Are there obvious red flags that you are ignoring? Is there continual drama or heartache?

Dating should be fun and adventurous!

You always have the option to walk away when you don’t feel a connection. It shouldn’t feel uncomfortably forced or one-sided and you should have a good idea if there is a connection within the first few dates. If you don’t feel anything or you don’t have much in common with them, move on.

You may want to point fingers at someone else when things don’t work out the way you had hoped, but the best thing you can do is be honest with the part you played in the situation. It takes two to make or break a relationship.

It also takes two people to feel a connected chemical attraction for things to go to the next phase. We all know this doesn’t always happen when we are out dating.

If it were so easy to have a mutual chemistry with everyone we met, then there certainly wouldn’t be many long-term committed partnerships out there!

No one said finding love was easy but the faster we learn from the lessons we often have to deal with, the faster we climb the ladder to finding “our person.

Don’t dwell on what hasn’t worked in your relationships, focus on how far you have come and how much closer you are to knowing what you want in your life.

Holding on to sadness or anger because things haven’t worked out in the past will keep you closed off from meeting a potential love interest. Being open-minded and grateful for some of those trying moments shows that you have clarity with what needs to be altered to achieve happiness in a potential partnership.

This shows that you’re not stuck and you are willing to work on yourself and your surroundings, which is amazing! <3

Be true to your self and always have respectful boundaries. This is the key to having a great dating life and meeting a potential partner to share your life with.

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