Relationship Advice: Right Person, Wrong Time? Maybe Not!

FullSizeRender (11)Was your vision impaired years ago when you let the love of your life get away??

Meeting an amazing person at the wrong time has probably happened to most people at one time in their lives. How often do we hear of couples reuniting at a high school reunion 20 -30 years later? That lost love that got away because the timing wasn’t right?

Was it really bad timing or was it really just the wrong person? Understanding the difference is really important here because you can spend years pining over someone whom you thought was the right person that got away, only to see them again and apart from a physical attraction, there really wasn’t much else.  Knowing when it is purely a physical lust or true love, is the answer to your haunting question. When love is wonderful, it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.  It just feels right and the relationship adjustments are not obstacles but reciprocated compromises.

In our younger years many people are focusing on their career path or University schooling and meeting someone at that stage in your life is usually more of a casual relationship. This time is for “you to grow” so that you make wise choices for your future.  But…what if you met someone then that was perfect for you and you let them get away because the timing just wasn’t right?  You can’t stop thinking about them! Should you contact them? Absolutely; but find out as much as you can beforehand in case they are happily married with children.  Do not cause an upset in their life just because you made a mistake years ago by letting them go.  If they are single then jump in with both feet! What have you got to lose?

We all make choices for what we think the better path, but is it?

Are we just too busy, stubborn or self absorbed to see what an incredible relationship we have at the time?  Timing is everything and sometimes we don’t pay attention to what is obvious and right in front of us. How many people have let the right person get away due to other priorities & then choose the wrong person later on out of desperation because they don’t want to end up alone?

Age can play an important factor in your choices;  especially if you are a woman whose biological clock is ticking like a time bomb.  Some women will forfeit love to get pregnant at that stage. Dating checklists can also be relationship killers due to the picky or shallow demands some people prioritize.  Sometimes we do not know they are the right person until they are gone from our lives because we let our blinders dictate our decisions!

People talk about their soul mate that got away.  Is there such a person for everyone? Maybe, but if we let them get away were they really your soul mate? Shouldn’t you be joined at the hip and nothing can tear you apart? 

Many men and women who were overly critical and ultra non-committal until their late 30’s, eventually settle with a partner they may not even love.  This is sad and everyone needs to look in the mirror as a reminder that we all have good qualities and we all have flaws.  No one is immune to this so being particular and snobby in your single years is really not worth it in the end. I can’t tell you how many very lonely people ( in relationships or out of them) I have met over the years that have screwed up potential happiness with their judgmental attitudes.

It is never too late to change and if you do feel like you are repeating a pattern due to your unreasonable checklists, it could be your own commitment issues sabotaging any potential relationship.  Take the time to rediscover yourself and own your part in why things haven’t worked out for you to be in a loving partnership. Hire a dating coach and put yourself around friends that have a healthy relationship. Being in a warm environment like this can help alleviate these long term fears by seeing how wonderful a great relationship can be.

I do believe that timing is everything & when you are ready you will allow that “right” person in.” Don’t ever be afraid to rekindle a lost love if the opportunity arises as it will either open or close a door that has been stagnant for way too long.

<3 Love can happen anywhere, anytime and at any age! <3

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