Relationship Advice:Are You Using Humor at Your Partner’s Expense?

Today’s topic: Relationship Advice Are You Using Humor at Your Partner’s Expense?

Are You Using Humor at Your Partner’s Expense?

Do you think it is funny to use sarcastic jabs towards your partner when you are at home or out for the evening with friends? Do you think it is harmless and playful?

Think again! Sarcasm is not good in any relationship.

After I posted this video on YouTube I googled the title and was quite shocked to see that there were “About 33,200,000 results!” That is how important this subject really is.

Over the years I have had some discussions with “hardcore sarcasm users” who were very opinionated that I am over-sensitive and need to get over it. Well, obviously there are “a lot” of sensitive people out there and I am not alone!

This includes both sexes!

But the main reason I decided to post a video and article on this topic is due to the men and women writing my advice column asking me to do so. I was happy to oblige as I know sarcasm has hurt many relationships out there.

There is always a hidden truth (well I don’t think it is very hidden) to a sarcastic comment and it can be extremely hurtful to the person on the receiving end. If this is a repetitive scenario it takes a big toll on a person’s self-esteem. No one likes to be laughed at, especially in front of others.

I grew up in this environment so I can say first hand how it plays on your self-worth and even more so when it is a parent doing it. It sends out a negative message that sticks to your soul.

If this is becoming a problem in your partnership don’t let it continue on for too long.

You need to communicate how this “humor” is affecting your well- being. Your partner may not realize how it makes you feel or that they are even doing this!

Comedians use this type of humor on a regular basis which is why many people do not like to be seated in the first row. They don’t want to be “singled out” in front of the audience.

There is a time and place for a few good one-liners and it can be quite funny if it is not something that ridicules another person. Using humor at your own expense can be added to a humbling moment but not in a continual self-deprecating way. 

Respecting your partner should always be a priority and if there is something going on in your life that you may not be happy with, make sure you’re not taking it out on them. We don’t always see how we are reacting to changes in our life.

Always be kind and communicative with your partner and they will be there to help you through the tough times. Don’t let your insecurities damage the love you share.

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