Are You Lonely & Sad Due to Making Everyone Else Happy?

Today I discuss the topic: Relationships – Are You Lonely and Sad Due to Making Everyone Else Happy? Are you a caregiver to everyone but exclude yourself?

Do you feel alone because no one is there for you?

If you are starting to feel sad and depressed, it is time to restore some healthy balance back into your life. It is important to have reciprocated relationships that also give back.

Giving away all of your white light will eventually leave you feeling alone in the darkness.

Throughout our lives, we have been often told not to have expectations when you do things for other people. I agree that this is true for some things in life, but if we don’t have some expectations we will not grow to our full potential.

  • You should expect that your love relationship is reciprocated, as you should both respect each other equally.
  • There should be a “give and take balance” within your family dynamics and your friendships.
  • You should expect that if you do exceptionally well in your job/career/studies that you will be acknowledged and/or rewarded.

Giving constant attention to people who don’t appreciate your kindness is hurtful and will eventually play havoc on your self-esteem. A one-sided relationship of any sort should be a short-lived scenario.

It’s not just about everyone else’s happiness, it’s about yours too! Change up these life patterns that aren’t working.

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