How to read between the lines ona dat

How to Read Between the Lines on a Dating Profile

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Today on Dear Sybersue I discuss the topic: How to Read Between the Lines on a Dating Profile.

So many men and women who are dating online don’t take the time to read someone’s profile and just swipe by quickly on their photos. This is a mistake!

Someone’s appearance is not enough to tell you who they are. A well-written profile bio will help you decipher a little more about them, and is an important part of getting to know someone before you decide to meet up with them in person. Pay close attention when you are reading someone’s personal profile and really hear what they are saying.

Look for positivity over negativity, and understand what message they are giving out as a first impression. This can also help you to improve your own dating bio as well.

Here are a few things to pay attention to when you’re dating online:

  1. Be aware of what tone someone is projecting on their profile. Pay attention to people who write down what they don’t want. It’s a negative first impression that comes across as controlling, or they may be fed up with dating, and it’s coming out in this manner.
  2. There is very little creativity, and they use basic lines such as “I love to travel,” “looking for my soul mate,” or “I love long walks on the beach.” You don’t get the feel of who they really are on their dating profile or what they are excited about being able to share with a potential partner. Using cliché lines does not show any originality!
  3. They talk mainly about what they don’t want in a partner on their profile and give very little information about themselves. (People want to know a little about you, and not just about what your dealbreakers are.)
  4. Some men and women overshare and give out too much information. Less is more in the case of a dating bio because many people have a short attention span when it comes to reading a long profile. Two paragraphs are a good rule of thumb to follow when uploading any type of text.
  5. There are many grammar issues. This may seem trivial to some of you reading this, but it can come across as laziness, or I just don’t care, take me as I am, sort of attitude. You want to meet someone who takes pride in who they are and actually puts the effort in to stand out in an optimistic way.
  6. Photos with minimal clothing or semi-nude shots are a red flag unless you’re just looking for a sexual hookup. Sheesh, leave something for the imagination. A little mystery, and class, go a long way when it comes to getting to know someone.
  7. Any pessimistic talk about bad dating experiences should not be overlooked. If someone is holding on to past relationship problems, they are definitely not ready to date or meet anyone.
  8. If you are regularly chatting via text with someone you met online, and they have not set up a date to meet you in person within 2-3 weeks, they are probably not serious about having a relationship. It is important to give your energy to the right people, and don’t waste time with people who are just playing an egotistical game.

What should a Dating Profile show?

  1. Tell people you are excited and invested in being on this dating platform.
  2. Your profile and username should show your fun and playful side. If you can be witty, you will definitely attract some interested suitors.
  3. Talk a little about what you’re passionate about and what makes you happy.
  4. If you’re an avid cyclist, hiker, art lover, or salsa dancer, put it out there. Tell them you would like to share this with your potential partner. Your goal is to attract like-minded people toward you. It’s OK to weed out people that don’t have many of the same interests as you.
  5. Your photos should be classy, expressing who really you are. Get someone to take the photos for you rather than posting a selfie. Upload a smiling headshot and a few active photos that show off your personality.
  6. You could ask a question within the text of your bio, which will help interested people open up a conversation by answering it. “What is your favorite thing to do on your days off?” You could also answer it yourself to give them an example of what you like to do. “One thing I love to do is to go on a bike ride and have a picnic at a nearby lake.” or “I enjoy going to summer movie nights at the park and attending new exhibits at the local art gallery”
  7. Are you having trouble writing a profile? Ask your friends how they would describe you to other people. You could implement this into your bio if you’re not sure what to say, or you’re shy about what to write. Stating your important qualities and attributes in a subtle way is a good start. It isn’t always easy to write about yourself, but you do want people to take notice.

The main thing to understand when using any online dating app is that you want to stand out in a very positive way.

You want to be noticed for being the amazing person that you are. If you find that you’re attracting the wrong people to your dating profile, change it up. Sometimes it only takes a few tweaks to get it right. If it’s not working, fix it! If you are really confused about how to write a dating profile, ask a coach to help you, or look online for some great examples.

Try not to get frustrated if you don’t meet your special person as quickly as you would like. This is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. There are new men and women joining these dating sites every day, and all it takes is that one amazing person to come into your life.

Having patience and a great attitude will keep you on the right path to meeting that love connection you are ready to receive in your life. Stay true to your authentic self and believe you deserve to be in a loving partnership. It is well worth the journey!

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