How Do We Maintain the Love in Our Marriage As We Get Older?

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Today on Dear Sybersue I discuss this popular question: How Do We Maintain the Love in Our Marriage As We Get Older? ❤️

It is so important to always nurture the love in your partnership.

Age shouldn’t be a big problem if you continue to communicate and prioritize the respect, affection, and romance as a couple. Staying mentally and physically connected is the key to maintaining longevity in any relationship.

As we get older, there will always be a few complications to deal with because that is the cycle of life. Our bodies change, but our attitude can still remain in a positive place. It’s not always easy to accept certain things, and I personally understand that it can be difficult to feel good when you have medical issues to contend with.

This is why it is imperative that you always have something planned as a couple to look forward to.

If you and your partner have a few things on your bucket list that you want to achieve, it gives you both a purpose to keep living your life to the fullest. It really does help you feel a little younger when you try new things. Feeling playful and vibrant is a big part of having a harmonious relationship.

Life is a blessing, but nothing is a given, so you have to maintain a healthy attitude when life throws you these curveballs. Being sociable, energetic, flirtatious, and open-minded is a big component of having an amazing partnership as the years progress.

We’ve all heard the expression, “you’re as young as you feel,” and while some people may truly believe this, there are many other people who are feeling their age. They are scared that the years are passing them by so quickly, but don’t know how to change things up to make their life more fulfilling. Getting older can be very fear-based for some people.

The trick to living your best life is to think positively and continue to evolve by accomplishing a few new things every week.

Don’t get stuck in a box just maintaining your existence. Make it count! Rather than being frustrated with some of the changes your body may be going through, be grateful that you are celebrating another birthday with the people you love.

My husband and I still feel young, despite some of the scary medical situations we have both had to deal with in the last few years. I am probably even more playful now than I have ever been, but that is what keeps me motivated and adventurous. Not only that, but I have a very spirited outlook, and no one is going to tell me I should start acting my age.😉

Some of those hard knocks that we fight our way through give us even more of a reason to celebrate life. When you are grateful and appreciative for even the smallest blessings that come your way, you will continue to attract great things toward you. Being older today is not what it was like for our grandparents, and we have way more opportunities and knowledge to help combat our advancing birthdates.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying things are easy in the aging process of life, but it is how well you deal with things moving forward that will keep a youthful spring in your step. I had to give up running, skiing, and playing tennis due to a few serious knee surgeries, which I replaced with less weight-bearing activities such as yoga and spinning.

After we reach the age of 30 we start to lose 2-5 % of our overall muscle mass every decade. By age 60 it depletes even more. This is one of the reasons I also do weight training 3 days per week to keep my muscles and ligaments strong. Exercise is definitely a mood enhancer as well! Whenever I am feeling a little down, I get outside for a walk and appreciate my surroundings. I literally take time to smell the Flowers!

*Here is a short article that you may want to read: Five Ways to Maintain Muscle Mass as You Age

If life hands you setbacks, find a way to enhance your life differently. Don’t become angry or stagnant, fight back with an attitude that brings more enjoyment into your world. We all have stuff to deal with in our daily lives, ALL of us. If you learn to accept that this is a test to make you grow even stronger, then you will continue to give purpose to your days here on this beautiful planet.

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Being diverse is the fountain of youth!

While being spontaneous may not always be easy for you to achieve, planning a few things on the calendar can be a great way to keep your spirits lifted. When you have things to look forward to, it really gives your life meaning.

It can be something as simple as going to a concert or a date night with your partner, it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that it keeps you from becoming too routine, and repels the boredom right out of your relationship. Always remember, “couples who play together, stay together!!” I know this to be true on a personal level.

No one is disputing that marriage takes a lot of work, but then so do most things that matter in our lives. You don’t quit excelling in your job, so why would you slack off in your partnership? It is worth the investment to maintain the love you have shared all these years so far. There are plenty of couples who “get it” and are happily celebrating milestone anniversaries!!

Please watch the video above to see more about how you can maintain the love within your partnership for many years to come.

Sybersue xo <3

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  1. Build the intimacy from the beginning. Very many couples start on a very good note of intimacy, friendship and companion only to let many things to slip into the individual bucket. Many things like kids, career, goal, etc so that by the time the children have left the nest, career pinnacle reached and goal achieved they are but stranger to one another.

    I say again, maintain the energy you used to start the relationship and you won’t bother about what will happen later. Thanks

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