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Feeling Unappreciated by Your Partner

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Thanks for stopping by Dear Sybersue! Today, I discuss the topic: Feeling Unappreciated by Your Partner.

This can be a big relationship issue! Some people take things for granted in their relationship and forget to do and say the little things that make their partner feel loved. Saying thank you when your partner does something for you and telling them you appreciate their help and support is very important.

We all want to feel validated in our relationships, but it is sad how many couples forget to do this. They end up taking their partner’s kindness for granted. I strongly suggest that you both set a precedent early on, by sharing the chores and household necessities when you first move in together. It is not one person’s job to do it all.

Don’t become an enabler! It is necessary to set boundaries and have some expectations in your relationship.

You shouldn’t have to ask your partner for help, as it should be a given within a committed partnership. Don’t get stuck in the mindset that everything is your responsibility. The reason it is important to have boundaries is to keep the balance and foundation in a healthy place that is even-keeled. Allowing yourself to be put in any type of expected position will eventually become a burden that leaves you feeling irritated and discontent.

If you take over doing everything in your relationship, you are setting yourself up for problems to come. You will start to resent your partner because you will feel that you are being taken advantage of. Having self-worth is important, so your partner appreciates your confidence and doesn’t walk all over you. You should always feel valued in all your relationships.

You have to respect yourself first if you want others to respect you!

Having some expectations of how you should be treated does not make you high maintenance. It shows that you know what you deserve and also what makes a successful partnership. As a couple, you should both be on the same page with what you expect and prioritize in your relationship. Regular communication with your partner is imperative to nurturing and maintaining a strong relationship. Letting things go without discussing them builds up resentment over time.

The little things matter!

When you ask a couple how they were able to keep their love alive over their years together, they will usually tell you they kept the intimacy alive, and they did those little things to help out their partner on a daily basis. It was a reciprocated respect that they shared to keep their partner knowing they were always a priority.

  1. Take time to listen to each other and really hear any concerns you both may have about anything.
  2. Go grocery shopping together and take turns cooking the meals.
  3. Hold hands and kiss each other every day.
  4. Get up to greet each other at the door whenever you both come home.
  5. Make an effort to look attractive for yourself and your partner, even if you’re sitting at home together. (Don’t become apathetic or complacent, when it comes to being sexy for your partner.)
  6. Pay attention to your partner’s mood shifts and be gentle with them if they are going through something. Sit down and talk to them. Share your thoughts with each other.
  7. Household chores should always be shared, which includes laundry and dishes.
  8. Plan weekly date nights on the calendar to get out of the house together. It could be something as simple as a coffee date or a walk in your local park. Couples tend to share more with each other when they are not in their home environment.
  9. Make time for sexual intimacy. So many couples let this slide, which is a big mistake!
  10. Compliment each other and say I love you often. ❤️

It takes two people to make or break a relationship, so it is always important to own your part if things start to change between you as a couple.

If you don’t continue to communicate your feelings equally with one another, the dynamics within your partnership will slowly start to fizzle out or become one-sided. Always acknowledge anything bothersome before it escalates into a much bigger problem.

No one said sustaining a long-term relationship was easy, and there will always be some tough days to contend with. You’re going to have arguments and get annoyed with each other, but it is how you communicate and move forward from those moments that truly matter.

If you always take the time to tell your partner you appreciate them and vice versa, you will come back from any diversity that takes place within your partnership. You chose each other for a reason, and it is really important not to lose sight of this.

It’s not that much work to stay focused on the love you share with each other if you both value what you have built together. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the street, so why not do everything in your power as a couple to nurture and respect the special bond that you have? It makes sense total sense, don’t you think?

Please click on the video above to hear more about what I have to say on today’s topic. It is very imperative to understand how to maintain the basic foundation of your partnership. Don’t let things fester, acknowledge them early.

Sybersue xo

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