Don't Cry Over Someone Who Doesn't See Your Tears

Don’t Cry Over Someone Who Doesn’t See Your Tears

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Don’t Cry Over Someone Who Doesn’t See Your Tears!

Thank you for visiting me here at Dear Sybersue. Today’s weekly upload is for men and women who feel stuck in an unhealthy and loveless partnership.

It’s time to change this sad scenario so that you can move on to having a reciprocated relationship. Don’t allow yourself to become boxed-in to a one-sided situation. Life is way too short not to have the love you deserve!

We often think that when we have made our bed the wrong way, we still have to lie in it. This is far from the truth as there are options out there to help you find a happier solution.

As humans, we continue to evolve all the time and learn as we grow. Sometimes we repetitively take the difficult path and sometimes we quickly understand what doesn’t work for us anymore and we move on to a better place.

If your partner is oblivious to your emotions and removed from having any communication with you, they have probably checked out of the relationship. This is not an easy thing to deal with and we often don’t want to hear them actually say it out loud.

Pretending that everything will work out and be OK is not realistic at this stage. If you are lonely living within your committed partnership then something has drastically shifted between you as a couple.

Have you done everything you can to fix this?

  • Have you both acknowledged there is a problem?
  • Have you had any counseling together?
  • Are either you or your partner in denial about the changing dynamics within your committed connection?
  • Has your partner discussed separating or moving out?
  • Are you sticking around because you are afraid to leave and be alone? Or due to financial reasons?
  • Has this been going on for more than a few years?

Breakups are never easy but subjecting yourself to feeling invisible in your relationship is extremely unhealthy and deeply harmful on an emotional level. It eventually rips a hole in your confidence and self-worth living in this type of environment.

It is a constant reminder of what isn’t happening romantically between you any longer. The love is gone and replaced by heartbreak and tears. It’s time to wipe those tears and not give any more energy to someone who doesn’t see, care or feel your pain.

You don’t have to stay in an unloving scenario and there are things you can do to change this. I know it isn’t easy to make this decision which takes a lot of courage and I am speaking from my own experience. I did it and my life became so much better. Please watch the video below to see how you can make this happen

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