My Partner is Emotionally Cheating Outside of Our Relationship!

Communication is #1 in a partnership and is the glue to maintaining a long and healthy commitment. It helps keep everything in your relationship connected. Always pay attention to what is going on in your relationship and never be the last to know that your partnership is in trouble!!

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Photo by Agafonova Photo from Pexels

Are You Emotionally Connected to Your Partner?

Numbing your feelings will short-change your happiness and rob you of so many heartfelt gifts. The more emotionally open you are as a person, the more valued you are to yourself and to others around you. It also causes a boomerang effect and brings even more wonderful moments towards you. Confidence is such a beautiful trait because you not only appreciate who you are as a person, you love yourself enough to nurture your self-worth.

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Don't Cry Over Someone Who Doesn't See Your Tears

Don’t Cry Over Someone Who Doesn’t See Your Tears

Living in this type of environment is a constant reminder of what isn’t happening romantically between you as a couple. The love is gone and replaced by heartbreak and tears. It’s time to wipe those tears and not give any more energy to someone who doesn’t see, care or feel your pain.

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