Why Do We Lash Out at The People We Love?

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Today’s weekly topic is titled: Why Do We Lash Out at The People We Love?

What good is going to come out of treating your partner, friends or family members with angry words and bad behavior? Isn’t this really about YOU and being unhappy with something that is (or isn’t) going on in your life?

It’s not right to hurt the ones we love just because there is something within us that we are feeling insecure or guilty about. Communicate and share things with your loved ones so that they understand what is really going on and you can work through it together.

Save your relationship before it is too late. Being unkind to your partner on a repetitive basis will quickly start to push them away. They can only take so much negativity before their self-esteem takes a nose dive into wanting out of your relationship.

We all want to feel loved; not reprimanded and berated by the one person who is supposed to love us unconditionally. Point the finger back at yourself and not at others.

Own up to what is really bothering you which will help your partner to understand you better. Don’t shut them out. They may be able to offer some assistance that enables you to find a solution to deal with whatever is going on.

Trust is a big issue in many relationships and when that becomes tarnished between a couple, it is hard to gain it back again. When you push your partner into a disrespectful corner where they feel they can do nothing right, eventually they will believe they can’t. They will then start checking out of your once happy union.

An apology goes a long way and so does some professional counseling. Acknowledging your fears is a good thing. It is a strength and not a weakness. Trust your partner enough to share these concerns and obstacles that life often throws in our way.

I really love to hear from you here & I will always take time to answer you back. Have you done this to your partner, friends/family or been on the receiving end of their mean comments towards you?

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