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Dating Advice – Don’t Let Their Hotness be Everything!

Today I am discussing the topic: Dating Advice – Don’t Let Their Hotness be Everything!

Someone’s appearance should not be the only thing that is important when you are dating.  Long-term attraction goes a lot further than looking at a profile photo for 10 seconds! Seriously, when did we become so shallow?

Online dating apps and websites have dramatically changed the way we meet a potential partner today. Actually, maybe I should change the word partner to hookup! Many people who have written to my advice column say they are lucky to even get a date these days and if they are fortunate enough to do so, the date comes with big sexual expectations!

Sadly, dating has now become very focused about “looks & sex being the first and only priority! It’s just too damn easy to swipe left because there is a catalogue of singles further ahead to choose from. What if there is someone better??”

Many wonderful men and women are getting passed over on a daily basis if they are not spending a fortune on cosmetic enhancement and fashion/beauty accessories that make them stand out! Due to the intense competition and endless social media half-naked selfies, many men and women are giving up with the online dating scene and are becoming very lonely because of it.

So what is the alternative?

Going out and meeting someone the old fashioned way isn’t happening as often today, especially if you are in the over 40 category, but mingling scenarios are the best way to meet someone naturally if you can find a place or event that offers this.

As difficult as this can be, you really need to put yourself out there in more face to face groups and understand that there are many other men and women who are in the same boat as you are.  You are not alone!

You don’t have to feel pressured or feel deflated if you don’t end up meeting someone to date at these outings. Sometimes a great evening out chatting with others is a big mood booster and confidence builder!

Spend some time talking to people around you and put less importance on having that immediate physical chemistry. The more social and fun you are, the less time you spend thinking about not what isn’t happening in your love-life!

Speaking of chemistry…

Have you heard about DNA romance matchmaking?

How does DNA Romance Works?

“DNA Romance is an online platform for people looking to find genuine relationships based on chemistry and personality compatibility. We provide evidence-based matchmaking saving people time, money and frustration by matching them with Mr. Right or Ms. Right sooner.

If you are interested in learning more about this dating technique please read this post I wrote not long ago on the subject. Click here—->  Dating App DNA Romance Airs on Dragons’ Den and Dominates Niche with New Features 

The answer to “dating in the millennium,” is to give people a chance by actually getting to know them. We are all in such a hurry to get instant gratification with usually fizzles quickly anyway. This only puts people in a repetitive bad dating pattern that keeps going around in endless circles.

Love really isn’t just about how HOT someone is; there is so much more to a person than that.

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