Should I give my Boyfriend a Marriage Ultimatum?

Thank you for visiting Sybersue! Today’s video and blog is a question from one of my youtube subscribers:  Should I give my Boyfriend a Marriage Ultimatum?”

After being in a committed relationship for 3 years and living together for 2 years, Christine wants and expects, a marriage proposal. Her boyfriend hasn’t mentioned anything about their future together and she is now getting restless and very frustrated.

Should she give him an ultimatum that they need to make plans to get married or she is going to move on?

Ladies you have to be very careful when voicing something this serious and you have to be prepared that your boyfriend may walk away. Don’t threaten him with ending the relationship thinking it will scare him into proposing to you. You better make sure you are ready for his answer.

How would you react if your partner cornered you in a similar situation?
What if he eventually agrees to marriage but his heart isn’t really into it? How will this affect your relationship long-term?

Are intimidation tactics ever a good thing in a partnership?

If you have to ask the question about where your relationship stands after 3 years then there is a communication or commitment issue.

When you grow together as a couple you want the same things for your future. You discuss it openly because this is a natural progression when you truly love your partner. You feel the same way about each other and you are both excited to take the next step.

You don’t spend time pondering over where you stand in your relationship, because you’re not left questioning things.

Find out within the first 3-6 months if your partner has family and marriage goals. Don’t ever be afraid to ask the important questions. You don’t want to be the last person to know that your partner is not interested in being on the same committed path that you desire.

Has your partner approached you with a marriage ultimatum? How did things work out? Is this ever a good idea? Watch the video above to hear what else I have to say about this!

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