Can We Still be Friends With an EX after a Relationship Breakup? Should we?

Can we still be friends with an EX or maybe the real question is; Why Should we be friends with an EX?

Depending on how the breakup was initiated will be the deciding factor on how amicable the relationship will remain afterward. The friendship expectation should not be immediate. Respecting your partner right up until the end will guarantee a better future for both parties involved. Some people never completely get over a disrespectful breakup which can cause havoc on future relationships ~ even if they were in total denial that there were irreconcilable differences throughout their partnership.

It usually takes some time to digest your “own part” in the demise of a relationship, especially if it was a long term commitment. Being honest with yourself with help you get over the pain a lot quicker because you are not playing the victim. You are being responsible as to why it ended and understanding that your time together has run it’s course. Do you have to be friends? You don’ t have to do anything you don’t want to do at this stage. Sometime’s it is easier to move on without have your ex around as a constant reminder. Maybe in time <3

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