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Are You Emotionally Connected to Your Partner?

Are You Emotionally Connected to Your Partner?

This is a really important part of your relationship that should not be overlooked and should be a very high priority on your checklist. While I am not a believer in high maintenance lists you should always have at least 5 non-negotiable characteristics that need to be met before you commit to an exclusive partnership.

Here are 5 characteristics that are very important in most relationships

  1. Reciprocated communication (Emotionally, physically, verbally, and sexually.)
  2. Integrity
  3. Trust and honesty
  4. Mutual respect
  5. Similar morals and values

If you don’t have emotional compatibility it can cause a detachment in your partnership later on

When you shut down from your partner it shows a distrust within your relationship. You don’t feel safe to open up with them and that is a pretty loud statement towards your partner. It is in your best interest to get behind any emotional detachment you feel because it is such an important part of EVERY love relationship you enter.

Numbing your feelings will short-change your happiness and rob you of so many heartfelt gifts. The more emotionally open you are as a person, the more valued you are to yourself and to others around you. It also causes a boomerang effect and brings even more wonderful moments towards you. Confidence is such a beautiful trait because you not only appreciate who you are as a person, you love yourself enough to nurture your self-worth.

Life should be exciting and you be passionate about “how you live your life,” during your short time here on this earth.

Your childhood is a big part of who you are as an adult

If you were loved unconditionally throughout your childhood years there is a really good chance of maintaining love-filled relationships in your adulthood. When you are nurtured as a child by loving parents, it sets a precedent with how you live your life after you leave the family home because you know what it is to be loved and how to also love someone in return.

Many people including myself, did not have role models in those early formative years, so we don’t always know what love is or feel worthy of having love in our lives. If you do not receive love in your childhood it can be very difficult to understand the true meaning of what love is as an adult.

As I became a young woman I really wasn’t sure what a healthy and loving relationship consisted of. My emotions were all over the map. I was strong one day and messed up the next day. I am not playing the victim here but trying to help you understand that sometimes you have to figure out how to remove that childhood dialogue that keeps playing in your head.

Some people may not even be aware that it is affecting their emotional state of mind because they have become numb to it all. It is one big learning curve when you blindly search for what you never had growing up. It can definitely leave a lot of emotional scarring to deal with until you finally admit that you just might need some professional help to release those stuck feelings buried deep within your childhood memory bank.

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Emotions also play a big part in the bedroom

Emotional sex is very important to sustaining longevity as a couple. It is the glue to many successful relationships. Being able to share an emotional connection will keep you both on the same page when it comes to all things romantic and sensuous in a partnership.

When you are truly emotionally and sexually connected there isn’t a lot of unanswered questions and there is very little day-to-day drama because you are continually open, loving, and communicative with one another.

It’s such a great place to be in your relationship because there isn’t anything to feel insecure about. You are on the same smooth path and evolving as a couple who understands the importance of staying connected inside and outside of the bedroom.

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It is never too late to work on things so that you can be the best version of yourself. Owning “your stuff” is a big part of evolving to greater heights as a human being. We all have stuff and very few people walk this earth without some tough choices to make at a certain time in their life.

There is no shame in asking for help and when you are connected within yourself as a person, everything just clicks and your world becomes so much easier. It is much more difficult to stagger your way through life pretending that everything is perfect than it is to fix the problems that bring repetitive obstacles onto your path.

Life lessons are a good thing because they are there to help you to move on to a healthier place of where you should be. No one promised that life would be easy but it can sure be a lot happier when you are emotionally focused and in touch with your feelings.

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