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Why Does Someone Text Repetitively and Then Just Disappear?

Why Does Someone Text Repetitively and Then Just Disappear? This scenario is becoming a really big problem with dating today.

Everything starts out so well! It’s very exciting to have a reciprocated connection with someone you REALLY like. The romance is fast & furious and you are thinking; “at last I have finally met my person!” There is so much texting back and forth and things seem to be going amazingly well!

Then all of a sudden you get ghosted and never hear from them again!

Here are 8 examples of why some people do this

  1. Relationship Saboteurs. These are people who like the initial chase but find any small reason for things not to work out.
  2. Men & women who get caught up in the initial excitement of finally meeting someone who ticks off most of the boxes on their checklist. They jump in quickly without exercising too much caution. Then they abruptly change their mind when their expectations are challenged. It’s not perfect enough by their standards.
  3. You are not their only suitor. They are texting numerous people to see which one grabs their attention the most. Eventually, they pull completely away when they find someone who they are more attracted to.
  4. They are already in a relationship and they are boosting their ego by texting with you on the side. You are a nice slice of the forbidden fruit!
  5. Some men and women have a habit of jumping in very quickly with someone new and then freak themselves out and run away when it gets too real.
  6. Catfishers who rear their fake heads on dating sites and falsely lure you into their nets. If they feel they can’t get anything past you they will just stop the connection cold. You’re too smart for them! (Thank God for that!)
  7. Serial Texters who have no intention of actually dating you. They get joy out of leading someone on for their own warped reasons.
  8. There are some people who are sincerely texting you but they are not ready to date due to their past relationship. When they realize they are not really over the breakup, they cut off communication. Rather than be honest and deal with it, they ghost you and run in the opposite direction. A lot of this is fear-based action.

How do you handle this dating dilemma?

  • Stop giving too much texting time to someone you have just met. Slow it down.
  • Don’t believe everything they say, take your time to trust them. You don’t know them yet so don’t give everyone the benefit of the doubt so easily.
  • Safety should always come first! Please don’t be so quick to give out personal information which includes texting provocative photos.
  • Meet them in person before you spend months texting someone. (They can be whoever they want to be in a text.) Eye contact and body language will give you way more information about who they are.
  • Don’t be so available so fast. When you pace yourself you are able to look at things more objectively.
  • Do not ignore any red flags and always listen to your gut instincts. They are never wrong and it is only when we ignore them that we get into hurtful or toxic situations.

I am not trying to be a buzz kill here for those men and women who have met someone who they had an instant attraction and connection with. It can work out for some people but I still believe that it is generally better to slow things down and take your time getting to see who someone truly is.

Being protective of your heart and allowing someone to prove themselves to you, is not only smart but it makes them respect you more. It adds a little excitement and some added mystery when everything isn’t so transparent.

Sybersue xo <3

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