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Why Am I Still Not Married to My Boyfriend After 5 Years?

Why Am I Still Not Married to My Boyfriend After 5 Years?

Today many couples are holding off getting engaged or even having the talk about getting married and having children. Some partnerships are going on for 5-7 years and having minimal communication on the subject.

This needs to be addressed within the first year of any relationship and should not be pushed to the bottom of the priority list if marriage and children are important to you. If your partner refuses to discuss this with you and has no desire to be in this type of commitment, it would be in your best interest to move on.

So many people will hang around in long relationships hoping their partner will change their mind about marriage and having a family. This decision can leave many men and women heartbroken when things don’t turn out the way they had wanted them to.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the answer to these questions and in fact, it is your right to know if you and your partner want the same things for your future.

Depending on your age this could be even more important to find out early. There isn’t a big window of opportunity for women if you want to start a family. This biological clock can be a big deal-breaker in many relationships as a woman approaches 30 and beyond. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is so crucial to communicate your needs when you are in an established partnership.

There are also many young couples that start a relationship in high school and 10 years later one of the partners gets restless and wants to sew their wild oats before they commit to one person.

Young love is wonderful but it doesn’t always stand the test of time as a couple evolves throughout the years. We don’t always grow in the same direction in our relationships. Women (more so than men) often romanticize about their future wedding and even put a fairytale spin on what they visualize their future to be.

This can be a dangerous dream to hold on to if you are with the wrong person.

Really listen to what your partner tells you when you are both discussing your goals and future aspirations. Don’t be afraid to bring up your needs and desires sooner rather than later. You don’t want to find after 5 years that you and your partner have never been on the same page. Pay close attention and do not ignore the red flags.

Always listen to your instincts and be honest with your feelings. You both have the right to know where you stand within the future of your partnership. When you are on the right path as a couple, there shouldn’t be a lot of unanswered questions or the need to give them an ultimatum.

If you are spending a lot of time worrying about whether you will ever get married to your long term partner, it might be time to change up the path you are walking on. You deserve happiness and to have your dreams come true. It’s not just about what they want.

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  1. That’s not fine! the real one would never ask for some time or just take only few months if he real want an understanding in relationship otherwise, the real man would directly ask you, miss could you honored me by marrying me! or i don’t k girl, i want to live every single inch of life with you, let’s get married. Heavy proposals, gifts, and physical relationship are nothing in front of strong marriage. If you want each other, you both feel blessed with each other without any other fancy things

  2. Life is too short and every woman deserve the ring and to be treated and honored as their Queen πŸ‘‘. So be the King πŸ‘‘ every Queen πŸ‘‘ should look for. Im sorry but i deserve my πŸ’Ž.

  3. Why buy the cow? Comes to mind. Olde Wisdom from Thee Frugal Curmudgeon Harsh words but more useful than all that psycho-babble. Start with that perspective and then ask the question. Marriage is no longer the goal, sex is. Marriage offers no benefits that can’t be accomplished with a few legal documents. And those are cheaper than any wedding ceremony and reception.

      1. No, that would mean consensual physical abuse is OK. But that is a different discussion.

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